The Not-so-long-ago Memories



Woybff:I'm jelaous of that guy.


Woybff:*shows picture of him*


Woybff:He made a good OC. I falied.

Moonbeam:I think you're great.

Sylvia:I'm sorry about your run in with Diesel Ten.

Woybff:It's alright. We defauted him with memoires and being funny I guess.

Moonbeam:Is he really that scary?


Wander:Hey Woybff. Are you ready?

Woybff:I kinda in a funk.

Wander:What why?

Woybff:First thing I told Moonbeam. The second is something the happen the other day.

  • flash back*

Woybff:*walks in* Oh my gosh what do you all think your doing?

Natalie:Zim and Pikachu were going to see a movie.

Woybff:Why didn't you go?

Natalie:It was too scary.

Woybff:Why are you and Gir in my train room.

Natalie:We got bored watching anime.

Woybff:I can't believe while I was warm and thoasty from the rain, snuggling with Wandie, and while I was watching Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

Gir:Yay Diesel Ten. *holds up the train*

Woybff:That's a bad guy.

Natalie:Do we have to get out?



Woybff:What is it Nataile? You and Gir have to clean this mess up.

Natalie:Well why do you have two of Percy, Thomas, Toby, and James?

Woybff:We would lose that train, and we would find that train.

Natalie:That makes sense.

Woybff:*stomps back to the bed* Sorry Wander that took to long.

Wander:Did someone had an upset tummy?

Woybff:No someone's priavte was stolen.

Wander:Alright than. *unpauses movie*


  • flash back ends*

Wander:Oh yeah, you were really scared of Diesel Ten. Why do you have a figure of him?

Sunil:I could tell you. I saw the whole thing was my eyes.

  • flash back*

Hater:Here is a present from Peepers and I.

Woybff:*opens it* *sceams*

Hater:Do you think Thomas is better or whatever.

Woybff:*runs into her room*

Peepers:What was that about?

Rainbow Strike and Sylvia:*walks in*

Sylvia:What's going on?

Peepers:I thought you said she liked Thomas & Friends, Sylvia.

Rainbow Strike:Well what did you get her?

Hater:Diesel Ten. We find a new one at a thirft store. It is made by RC2.

Rainbow Strike:I'm angry you two didn't ask her what trains she liked.

Peepers:I don't get what we did wrong.

Sylvia:She is scared of Diesel Ten. Before long she will get it out of the box.

Rainbow Strike:Bye Sylvia.

Sylvia:Bye Strike.

  • flash back ends*

Wander:Oh yeah.

Woybff:I'm always gonna be a big scary cat.

Wander:Hey you got it out of the box, and I recall someone had to help. *smiles*

  • flash back*

Wander:Come on Bff, you can do it.

Woybff:*opens its*

Wander:Good job. Set it on the track. Now go get a train or two.

Woybff:*gets Percy and Thomas* *gives Wander the story*

Wander:One day Percy and Thomas was tried of Diesel Ten getting to them because of Gordon being ill. So Thomas and Percy had a plan. They were gonna wreck into Diesel Ten head on.

Woybff:*puts Percy and Thomas on the track*

Wander:"I hope are plan works,"Percy smiled. "What about Sir Topham Hatt?" Thomas asked. "Just don't listen to him like in the old days. You can still do that, right Thomas?" "Yeah Percy," Thomas wasn't brave about this. Deep down he knew he would get in trouble. Still one by one

Woybff:*moves them*

Wander:They crashed into Diesel Ten. The Fat Controller come to scene. Thomas knew they we in hot water water now. "We're gonna all die now!" Percy scared. Sir Topham Hatt moved up.

Woybff:*moves Sir Topham Hatt*

Wander:He said, "Look at how fat I am. I was born that way." "See Thomas we had nothing to worry about," Percy smiled. "Oh for the love of grop, Percy." Thomas signed.

Wander and Woybff:*starts laughing*

Woybff:*kisses Wander on the cheek*

Wander:Aw. *blushes*

  • flash back over*

Wander:I still couldn't stop laughing.

Woybff:Me too.

Natalie:I'm sorry Woybff I was in your train from please have this for my-

Woybff:*runs away* *gets a hammer* *comes back* *smashes it*

Wander:Woybff that wasn't- *reads the box* Oh. Hey Natalie, you brought a knockoff.

Natalie:Did you really have to destroy it?

Woybff:That horrored sound.

Wander:Maybe Sylvia or I should come with you, Natalie.


Wander:It's okay Woybff. *hugs her*

Woybff:*hugs back*

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