The Train Wreck

Woybff:*on the phone* Yeah are you on your away. Thanks. *hangs up*

Sylvia:Who was that?

Woybff:That was Jane from State Farm.

Sylvia:No really?

Woybff:My friend Jubliee Jigsaw. She is also autistic.

Sylvia:What guys are you gonna do?

Woybff:Oh Wander, her, and I are gonna do the story I wrote with trains.

Sylvia:Ya sure she wants to do that?

Woybff:We agree the day before Ringo Starr's birthday.

Sylvia:What it's his birthday! Didn't you need an accent.

Wander:*walks in the room* I been doing it all day but now.

Jubliee:*comes in* Hi Woybff and Wander. Oh hello Sylvia.

Sylvia:Uh hi.

Woybff:Aren't we ready?


Wander:I'm going to speak in a accent today since it's Ringo Starr's birthday.

Jubliee:Great idea. Can I see what you wrote?

Woybff:*hands it to Jubliee*

Jubliee:Wow this looks great.

Wander:*walks in with the girls*

Woybff:I'll be the other trains. You can be Thomas and Percy.

Jubliee:Thanks for letting me the main characters.

Woybff:No problem.

  • gets ready music playing is Doubt by Twenty One Pilots*



Wander:*speaks in a British accent* Thomas and Percy were having a normal time by the docks. They felt at ease when they had their day off. Than out of now where came Diesel Ten.

Wander and Jubliee:We better get on a move.

Wander:*speaks normaly* Jubliee we are doing the old style. I am sorry about that. *goes back to the British accent* Percy screamed. And they crashed into the tar car.

Jubliee:*crashese them into tar pit*

Wander:Than followed by Gordon, James, and Henry. They all crashed into the tar car.

Woybff:*crashes them into the tar car*

Wander:Diesel Ten laughed. That Train Wreck was more like a crash in someone's life if anything.

Jubliee:So Woybff about that story..does tell your life?

Woybff:Yes I kicked Sunil out of the castle.

Jubliee:Oh my gosh.

Wander:*speaks normaly* At least your father was happy.

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