The Closer Brother

Woybff:*sits by Finn*

Finn:Yeah so I had hearing loss because of the lead.

Woybff:That's scary.

Finn:Don't worry, your brother back and better than- *drops to the ground*

Woybff:Finn, Finn.

Sylvia:What happen?

Rainbow Strike:There must be a bad guy here.

Woybff:No he just fell over.

Sylvia:*picks up Finn* You were gonna be eighteen in not even a month.

Rainbow Strike:Let's go Sylvia. *runs with Sylvia*

Woybff:*keeps up*

Rainbow Strike:*stops* Sylvia would you want me to take Finn, and me to stay with Woybff or the other way around?

Sylvia:Which do you want?

Rainbow Strike:I would like to let you have a break.

Sylvia:I'm a foster mom for him too. You can stay with Woybff. *runs to the castle*

Rainbow Strike:You can get on my back.

Woybff:*gets on*

Rainbow Strike:*starts moving* I saw your post. Who is this guy whom makes feel bad?

Woybff:Well I'm not sure if he knows we all are different. Some of us would like Dominator, others would cheer for Hater, and others would do neither.

Rainbow Strike:Are you talking about fans right?

Woybff:No, autistics.

Rainbow Strike:Autistic or not that's good rule of a Wanderer. I would pick myself in the neither side.

Woybff:I thought you would. He also created this commander person thing.

Rainbow Strike:Your great, I great too, all OCs are great but Watchdogs.


Rainbow Strike:*stops* Are you ready?

Woybff:Yes. *runs inside* *runs to Octavia's office*

Cilan:Hello Woybff. Octavia ran to the store to help Finn. There is a change he couldn't make it.

Rainbow Strike:*walks in* So what's the problem?

Moonbeam:His necklace of lead awareness is made of lead.

Harue:My baby that I never knew I had is dying.

Apollo:This is all Violet's faint.

Sylvia:Agreed. *starts to cry*

Rainbow Strike:Sylvia, no. I'll take you to the living room.

Sylvia:No I wanna watch my child flarfin' die.

Woybff:That reminds me. *calls Violet* Hey Finn is dying. Yes. *hangs up* She's holiday.

Rainbow Strike:What?


Harue:How many flarfin' trips does that women take?

Finn:I love all of you. *dies*

Sylvia:*cries on his dead body*

Rainbow Strike:*hugs her*

Harue:*runs out of the room*

Cilan:Maybe your new brother is someone much closer too you. Someone that has worked not in a factory. Someone that took you to meet a train you loved. Someone that cooks for you.

Woybff:Is that someone you?


Woybff:I guess in a way you are my big brother.

Rainbow Strike:Aren't you thirteen?

Cilan:No I'm nineteen probably. I feel nineteen.

Rainbow Strike:Well I guess I should tell you, there is someone making Woybff feel bad.

Moonbeam:Yeah I know him too.

Woybff:The soul of Dr.Ivy is mad at me. *cries*

Cilan:No don't cry.

Sylvia:Or flarfin' die.

Wander:Hey guys why all the sad faces?

Cilan:Wander, Finn died.

Wander:He did? *runs away crying*

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