The Protector

Woybff:*comes Wander* Wake up are new child's gonna be here.

Wander:Huh? Oh yeah.

Someone:*knocks on the door*

Wander:I bet that's are little baby. *runs to open it* Stars!

Woybff:*makes it to Wander*

Stars:Yeah Craig and Lauren had a baby.

Woybff:Wait won't he tell us.

Wander:That expects why Stellar could trick him so easily.

Stars:Also Awesome is out of jail and coming here.

Woybff:Oh crap I forgot to get something that says he can't come anymore.

Wander:We can do this sweetie.

Woybff:I'll be right back. *walks away*

Wander:Why ya gonna in the kitchen?

Woybff:To get some water.

20 minutes later

Woybff:*lays on the floor on her back* Wander, I got a tummy ache from drinking too much water.

Wander:Holy grop, Sylvia's gonna get mad at me.

Sylvia:*walks in* Get mad at what?

Wander:Sylvia, I let Woybff drink as she wanted. Now she's gonna tummy ache.

Sylvia:*face palm*

Someone:*knocks on the door*

Wander:*opens it* Gidget? What about your owners?

Gidget:Well the curse also made them into giant rocks, so I been trying to find a family.

Katie:*sticks out her clipboard*

Wander:*signs the paper*

Woybff:*signs the paper*

Katie:*walks away with paper*

Woybff:Hi Gidget.

Gidget:Hey...want are we gonna do?

Komasam:*runs from upstairs* *screams* Emperor Awesome is in are house!

Gidget:Komasam, you're my brother.

Komasam:Well get use to each other.

Wander:*gets to Komasam's level of height* Son I will protect you from that shark guy.

Sylvia:Holy...Wander do you want to do this alone?

Wander:Yes. *runs upstairs*

Awesome:*in Woybff's room* What the heck this?

Wander:Oh hey Awesome. What are you doing?

Awesome:*rolls his eyes* Oh it's you. Where's Becks?

Wander:Her name is Sylvia, and what are you doing with that music box.

Awesome:I was gonna smash.

Wander:Well don't because I brought it for her.

Awesome:What was her reaction?

Wander:Well that's not important. What's important is that you get out of Woybff's castle.

Awesome:*laughs* No never. I'm gonna be her husand. Becks will be my mother in-law.

Wander:Isn't that a bad thing?

Awesome:Well I guess..Hey I'm runnin' this show her. *punches Wander*

Wander:*grabs Awesome's fist* How'd you get out of jail. You had five years.

Awesome:Since this one fat guy got in jail for making his worker, Thomas cry really bad.

Wander:That's the most stupidest fake story I ever heard. *pushes Awesome*

Dr.Ivy's Soul:*pushes Wander*

Wander:But I'm trying to save my family.

Periwinkle:Wander I have came here to save you. *growls at soul*

Awesome:*laughs* *throws him out of the window*

Periwinkle:*screams* I'm gonna die!

Jack:*catches him* Hey little kitty, who pushed you out of window?

Periwinkle:Emperor Awesome did.

Jack:I guess I'll go in. *knocks on the door*

Komasam:*opens* Oh my swirls your Dr.Goodwin.

Jack:Okay child, can I come in.

Komasam:Of course you can.

Jack:*walks in* Where is Woybff's room?

Komasam:Oh those stairs the first on your right.

Jack:Thanks. *walks away*

Komasam:I was totally fanboying.

Jack:*runs in the room* *drags Awesome* *runs down stairs* *tapes him to the floor*

Komasam:That was awesome Dr. Goodwin.

Jack:I'm gonna call Craig. *walks away*

Wander:*walks down stairs*

Komasam:I'm glad to have a dad like you Wander because you sound like Dr.Goodwin.

Wander:I bet Woybff's worried sick.

Jack:*walks in* Craig is gonna take him away from this planet.

That night....

Woybff:I'm scared.

Wander:Come on Woybff. Do you want me to sing a lullaby?

Woybff:Sure ya.

Wander:*pulls out banjo* *sings* You're the golden one I see. All I seen is not normal but special. You are so special, you aren't normal. Don't listen to those people tryin' to show you another message. No one could replace you. I will never stop repairing your heart. The soul may be here. No matter what she is no where near. All the fear is gone this night. No can stop your light. Just keep up it. Keep it slow and steady. If it comes to it we can beat your enemies together. No is gonna leave ya. I'm always gonna stay with you. You always got me and Syl. Woybff, you just carry on your life, and I'll help ya face whatever blocks your path.

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