The Dark Side Pt.1

Sylvia:*carries Woybff to her room*

Natalie:Open up Sylvia.

Sylvia:*blocks the door*

Woybff:What's the password.

Natalie:*says stuff from TTTE*

Woybff:I wish she saw there was more of me than this.

Sylvia:She does Woybff.

Apollo:*pushes the box to open the door*

Sylvia:Oh grop.

Apollo:Tickle Woybff on her tummy.

Sylvia:*punches Apollo* Natalie don't,

Natalie:*puts her hands on Woybff's stomach*

Woybff:*gets her hands* Get your hands of me lady!

Sylvia:Woybff let go.

Woybff:What if?

Sylvia:Trust me. I need a chat with Natalie and Apollo.

Woybff:What if I gonna go?

Sylvia:I'll go get Wander. Natalie don't do that. Woybff won't treat you the same after that.

Apollo:Well screw talk to Sylvia, I going to catch more Pokemon. *walks out*

Natalie:What is all this?

Woybff:Sylvia told you no, and I agree, I really do.

Natalie:Even if I do this. *tickles Woybff's stomach*

Woybff:No stop it!

Wander:Natalie, Sylvia is ready for you. *is shocked* *runs to Natalie* No! *pulls her off Natalie* We all thought you were too old for this. Now go down stairs and meet Sylvia.

Woybff:Wander *hugs him* I never want Natalie to that to me again. Wander, go get the trash can.

Wander:*gets a trash can and returns*

Woybff:*throws up*

Wander:thinks:I hope Sylvia can explain us to Natalie.

Natalie:*makes it down stairs* Hey Sylvia.

Sylvia:Okay let me tell you what about did. What you did was wrong.

Natalie:I was just tickling her belly.

Sylvia:Woybff wants only few people to touch it.

Natalie:Are you one of those people?

Sylvia:Yes I am. Why wouldn't I be I'm her foster mom.

Natalie:So I'm not one of those people?

Sylvia:*face palm* Parents, Foster parents, Octavia, and Wander.

Natalie:Why Octavia?

Sylvia:Octavia is Woybff's doctor.

Natalie:Oh yeah.

Sylvia:So please stop it.

Natalie:Still don't see a problem.



Sylvia:What's that?

Octavia:Woybff's braf.

Sylvia:Oh my gosh. You see now Natalie.

Octavia:Now she has Tuesday.

Sylvia:Oh my grop I have to call Rainbow Strike now. *calls him* We can't go out to eat with Wander and Woybff Monday. Oh because someone didn't know that she can't touch Woybff there. Oh her stomach, so she threw up. Alright love you too, That's amazing, When is it going to happen? Today! We gonna go to the court house. *hangs up* Wander and Woybff.

Wander:*carries Woybff down stairs* Yes.

Sylvia:Today's the day we sue Mattel.


The Dark Side Pt.2

Cilan:May the victim please be carried in the room.

Sylvia:*carries Woybff* *sits her down* sits by her*

Cilan:Woybff how do you feel about all this?

Woybff:I can't eat solid food, I can't walk, and I didn't swallow them like some toddler. I had no choice.

Cilan:Does the defense have anything to added.

Boss of Mattel:We sent a letter to your red guy.

Sylvia:His room mate torn it up.

Boss:Oh yeah.

Cilan:Do you want to call up anyone?



Cilan:No your have to say. Okay since your the victim. Over ruled.

Natalie:*walks up*

Lawer:Why did you shake this toy?

Natalie:In my mind it said no, and I wanted to show him wrong.

Lawer:Did you think something like this would happen?

Natalie:No sir.

Lawer:You may return to your sit.

Natalie:*walks back*

CIlan:Do you want to call anyone?

Woybff:Rainbow Strike please.

Strike:*walks up*

Cilan:Is it true that you were worried about Woybff?

Strike:Of course I was.

Cilan:Do you think Mattel should pay for this?

Strike:Yeah of course.

Cilan:Is it true you let Woybff pet your tail as Wander was taking out the magnets from her nose?

Rainbow Strike:Yes. Cilan:Thank you for doing that, and you maybe sited. Have you deiced yet?

Tom:No Cilan. Peepers and Hater are fighting about it.

Cilan:That's weird they were there. Who would you like to bring up?


Wander:*walks up* Yes sir.

Lawer:How was it trying to get the magnet out of her nose.

Wander:Oh it was hard, Woybff was very claim.

Lawer:How did you get it out?

Wander:Well Woybff had allergies so there was a big old booger in there.

Lawer:Would you sue us yourself?

Wander:Of course I would.

Lawer:Even if we made toys for babies.

Wander;Like those lead paint ones.

Lawer:Oh yes.

Cilan:I have seen enough. Tom have they deiced yet?

Tom:Yes. Mattel must pay Woybff 79M, and Natalie must move out with Woybff.


Woybff:What if it happens again.

Natalie:But it won't I swear.

Peepers:Stop it now.

Hater:Yeah your barn and house was replace two days ago.

Natalie:Okay I will. *walks to Woybff's house*

Boss:Here you are Woybff a check for 79 Million dollars.

Woybff:*grads the check*

  • at home*


Woybff:Yes bye.

Zim:You really screwed up this time. *walks out wit her*

Sylvia:*picks up Woybff* We a surprise for you.

Woybff:Is it a snowman with eyes in his tummy.

Sylvia:No it's the middle of July. Something better, something that'll knock your socks off.

Woybff:I hope that's just metaphor.

Sylvia:Yes it is. *walks Woybff to the box with holes* Violet and Wander got something for you.

Woybff:I can open it?

Wander:Wait! *runs in with his phone* Okay I want to record this for Violet. *pushes record*

Woybff:*opens it* Oh my gosh.

Mudkip:(Hello there.)

Woybff:You are the cutest thing ever!

Wander:*stops recorded*

Woybff:*pets his head* I'm gonna check my *in shock*


Sylvia:What happen hun?

Woybff:*hugs Mudkip* Maybe it'll be over soon buddy.

Mudkip:(I hope so too.) *licks Woybff's cheek*

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