The Doll

  • door bell rings*

Sunil:*Gets it*

Tico:Can we see Sylvia?

Sunil: You got FIVE minutes she is in the living room.

Tico and Diego:*walks to Sylvia*

Sylvia:*looks them in the eye with anger*

Tico:Sylvia we have a gift for you.

Diego:*brings the gift frothed*

Sylvia:Yeah what is it Jelly fish pie?

Tico:I don't know.

Sylvia: thinks:Tico does know, but he and Diego won't tell me. It probably isn't Jelly fish pie. *Opens it* *Mouth drops open*

It's a Obese Barbie. (No they make this.This the video I discovered. #3.)

Tico and Diego:*smile and ran away*

Sylvia:*punches the doll's face and gut, but fails* *cries* (The reason why Sylvia cries is it offends her.)

Wander:*rans in* Sylvia are you okay?

Sylvia:Wander I'm going on a journey, I don't know I'll be back.

Wander:Can I come to?

Sylvia:No Wander this my journey, you can't come with me. *takes the doll only to remind her, her quest* *walks out*


Sylvia:*jumps in a escape pod* *on the way thinks to herself and looking at the doll* thinks:You are too big. ( five minutes later) You need to stop eating Jelly fish pie. (four minutes later) They must hate you for your body or your friendship with Woybff. (three minutes later) Why did they make me so fat? (two minutes later) I'm not flarpin' zbornak I use to be 'cause that toy company or lead paint conpamy. (one mintue later)  Wander, Woybff, Sunil, and all my other friends been hidin' that they think I'm too heavy. No, I wrong Wander would say, "Sylvia your belly is okay and rest of ya is amazin' girl don't your forget." Or am I wrong?

Escape pod:*Lands by the Mattel factory*

Sylvia:*Brakes out of the Escape pod with the doll* thinks:My quest is almost done. *walks by the window* * turns back gets a bomb from under her saddle* *turns to her forth*

Barbie:*looks at Sylvia*

Sylvia:Oh uh. *tries and runs away*

Barbie:*catches her tail*

Sylvia:*screams and drops the Barbie doll and bomb*

Barbie:Huh? *picks up the doll and looks at it* I guessing you got offend?


Barbie:Yes your are really like my "doll". *laughs*

Sylvia:*gets her feelings hurt* What if....oh forget.

Barbie:Tell me.

Sylvia:What if someone called you fat?

Barbie:They would be stupid because I have the perfect body.


Woybff's ship:*lands*

Woybff, Sunil, Wander, and Derpy:*run out*

Woybff:I knew Sylvia would be here.

Sunil:*teleports next to Barbie and takes the box* This is what Tico and Diego gave you?

Sylvia:Yeah..Wait you knew Tico and Diego came?

Sunil:Yeah I answered the door, I thought you would punch them and I saw the gift Diego was holding.

Wander:Sylvia why didn't you tell me that's why your were so upset?

Sylvia:First get this stupid Lead paint monster to let me go and I'll tell you on Woybff's ship.

Barbie:No I'm not stupid.

Derpy:Well Barbie the rest of us think you stupid you are stupid, yay!

Wander:*walks to Barbie* Give me back my friend?

Barbie:*ignores him*

Wander:*sings about Hasbro and better they are than Mattel*

Barbie:I CAN'T TAKE IT!! *drops Sylvia and runs away*

  • The crew return to the ship*

Wander:Can you tell me now, Sylvia?

Sylvia:All right buddy, the doll offended me.

Wander:Aw Sylvia your belly is just the right size and your amazin' just the way you are.

Sylvia: thinks:I was close. (Talks) Wander thank you. *hugs him*

Woybff:Sylvia you're a zbornak, your body is suppose be like that.

Sylvia:Woybff your so smart. *pats Woybff's head*

Sunil:I'm going the to doll to Lord Hater so he can destroy it.

Sylvia:Good idea Sunil.

Derpy:*walks to Sylvia with a plate of Jelly fish pie for her*

Sylvia:Thanks Derpy. *Looks at her gut* thinks:I'm just fine the way I am. *eats the pie*

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