The Medicine

Sylvia:Hey Woybff, ya know what time it is?

Woybff:Time to check if the badges are save.

Sylvia:No. It's your Medicine.

Woybff:I hate that stuff. *turns on her stomach*

Sylvia:Woybff it's everything alright?

Woybff:*falls off the sofa*

Sylvia:*picks her up* Woybff?

Woybff:What? It hurts so bad!

Sylvia:Yeah I remember, don't worry Woybff I'll be right back. *walks to get two bottles*

Woybff:*lays motionless*

Wander:*sits on the sofa*I'm sorry Woybff you have to go threw this pain.

Woybff:To say your sorry Wander. You should yell at my parents for not giving a Y. Than again some boys are gross, not you of course. The ones that won't stop making that one nose that EVERYONE HATES.

Sylvia:*comes back* Alright is this the one for your ache.

Woybff:*opens her mouth*

Sylvia:*puts in the spoon in Woybff's mouth*

Woybff:*drinks the medicine* *lets go of the spoon*

Sylvia:*goes washes the spoon*

Wander:Feeling better?

Woybff:*turns on her stomach*

Wander:I'll take that as a no.

Sylvia:*comes back* Okay now for the stuff you hate. *puts the spoon by Woybff's mouth*

Wander:I hear the tickle monster, he's looking for everyone that doesn't drink their Medicine.

Woybff:*opens her mouth*

Sylvia:*puts the spoon in her mouth*

Woybff:*opens mouth when it is all gone*

Sylvia:*pulls the spoon away*

Wander:Woybff I thought you were smarter than that?

Woybff:I was scared if you tickled me Sylvia would give me it, and it would go to my lung.

Wander:Oh. You still are smart as I thought

Woybff:*lays on her stomach*

Wander:Don't worry, you can eat more Tuesday.

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