The Gummy Bears

Sylvia:Wake up Woybff. You can walk again.


Sylvia:Octavia doesn't want you too eat sugar.

Woybff:*moans* Well I'm gonna be more violent today.

Sylvia:I brought you these, they are sugar free.

Woybff:*screams* *throws the gummy bears*

Sylvia:Woybff what the flarp the was that about?

Woybff:They will make me crap forever.

Sylvia:No Woybff. See I gonna eat one.


Sylvia:You were wrong about some items that weren't even on the recall list for lead.

Woybff:Well that doesn't matter.

Sylvia:See I'm gonna to show you.


Sylvia:Look I'm gonna show you, and you better hush up. This for your own good. *eats one* See that wasn't that bad- I gonna go I'll be right back. *runs to the bathroom*

Wander:What's got her in a hurry?

Woybff:*shows Wander the gummy bears*

Wander:*gets one* I'm not sure what ya tryin' to tell me Bff, but I'll have one of your gummy bears.

Woybff:No Wander! They'll make you crap so much.

Wander:Don't be silly. *eats it* That feel good in my-No I was wrong my tummy's hurtin'. Wander I'll be right back.

Moonbeam:Looks like you have some weapons.

Woybff:Yeah so.

Moonbeam:Go Woybff, make are enemies crap like no tomorrow.

Woybff:*runs to her room* *gets dress* *runs back out* Your right Moonbeam. I'll see ya later. *walks to Hater's ship* Hey Disord, I'm sorry the dieseal killed your daughter have a gummy bear.

Discord::Thank you. *eats it* *runs to the bathroom*

Woybff:*gives five thousand dollars to Peepers* This is hotel money.

Peepers:Thank you.

Woybff:You cam return what you don't use.

  • in Tico's house*

Woybff:I'm sorry I when a away. Have a gummy bear. *gives it to Dora, Boots, Diego, and Tico* *runs away as they eat them*

  • in Foster's*

Woybff:Bloo have a gummy bear.

Bloo:Oh it's one of those "sugar free" ones.

Wilt:You should eat it. You almost killed her.

Bloo;*eats one* *runs to the bathroom*

Woybff:*runs out*

  • at Barney's house*

Woybff:Here a gummy bear. Compliments of Moonbeam.

Barney:I love you too. *grads Gummy Bear* *tries to hug Woybff*

Woybff:*runs away*

Barney:Come back Woybff!

Woybff:No you'll touch my tummy and other places you pedophile!

Barney:I'm not that bad. *eats Gummy Bear* thinks:Uh oh I gonna go poop-poop.

Sunil:*laughs his head off* Now's are change to run out run. *runs out with Minka, Vinnie, Russell, Pennyling,  and Pepper* Thank you dear.

Woybff:*looks around*  *sees Screwball across the street* thinks:Okay I gonna act like a crying child* *walks over crying* Screwball, Wandie got killed by Diesel Ten.

Screwball:*laughs* What ya go there?

Woybff:Oh Wander wants me to feed everyone gummy bears, but since your his special friend you can have the whole bag. thinks:Wow I just told him that*

Screwball:*laughs harder* Oh he said that. Alright I'll have the whole bag. *eats the bears* The was wonderful. Also I'm gonna be your math teacher. Sylvia should be told any day now. Your other math teacher she got ate by those gators at Disney World.

Woybff:Crap, you're joking.

Screwball:No hun. Oh my stomach hurts.

Woybff:Well see ya in August, Dr.Jones. *runs away*

Screwball:What just cotton pickin' mintue. *grads Woybff*

Woybff:What is it? *smiles*

Screwball:Are those devil bears I have 2014 when I was watching my cousin put on Rainbow Dash's party?

Woybff:Well you ate most of them, Screwball. That may as well give you a tummy ache.

Screwball:Y'know, you are right. Go on.

Woybff:Thanks Screwball. *runs off*

Screwball:*runs to the bathroom* Curse you, Princess Woybff Stars!

Woybff:*makes it home*

Wander:*laying on the sofa* You're right Woybff, I almost died 'cause I was so skinny. Sylvia's in the bathroom on round 18.

Woybff:And when Screwball askes me in August about all this I'll tell him Sylvia brought him.

Wander:Did you give some to Screwball?

Woybff:Yeah I told him you got kidnapped by Diesel Ten too.

Wander:That's so cute.

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