Oh Crap!

Sylvia:Woybff you have a visitor coming.

Woybff:(episode title) *runs away*


Woybff:*gets out wand* *goes by the train room* *makes it invisible* *walks by her room* *cries*

Sylvia:Woybff? How about you come down stories.


Female voice:Do you have problem controlling Woybff?

Sylvia:Not really. Woybff, you get down her to met Mrs.Steinback.

Woybff:I gonna fix my life!


Sylvia:She's never like this with me.

Wander:You want me to go get her?

Sylvia:Yeah could you make it quick too?

Wander:Yep. *walks upstairs*  thinks:She must be in the train room. *walks by it* thinks:Oh crap it's gone! Where is it? Okay. Her room. *runs into it* Woybff?


Wander:What happen?


  • flash back*

Woybff:*runs down the street*

Steinbeck:Hey Woybff, are you ready for the new school year?

Woybff:Uh you are you? Why do you live in the bad part of Wally?

Steinbeck:I'm Mrs.Steinbeck, and my husband works as a police officer. What you are doing in the bad part of town?

Woybff:Oh I was giving Dr.Jones a bag of sugar free gummy bears.

Steinbeck:Oh he's going to do a wonderful job as second math teacher.

Woybff:Crap, I thought he was gonna be the person teachin' the whole thing.

Steinbeck:Sorry at least you have me as your second scinece teacher.

Woybff:I gonna go back home.

Steinbeck:Does your foster mom know your out here?

Woybff:I don't know. *slowly walks away*

Steinbeck:Nice meeting you, Woybff. I'll see you later.

Woybff:thinks:Oh crap.

  • flash back ends*

Wander:Woybff, Screwball's your new math teacher. Oh crap he could tell her you like TTTE.

Woybff:*starts crying* But I don't want to anyone there to know.

Wander:Actaully if you are scared of Diesel Ten maybe he'll think you hate all trains.

Woybff:Hey I don't hate all diesels.

Wander:Do you wanna come down now?

Woybff:Alright. Just don't say anything about dem trains.

Wander:Yes. *walks downstairs with Woybff*

Sylvia:Did you figure it out?

Wander:Yes. They met before today.

Steinbeck:Who give her the crazy to give Dr.Jones gummy bears?

Wander:Her sister.

Steinbeck:How lovely. So do you want a tour?

Woybff:I'll get it.

Sylvia:She wants so more time. She had emergency surgery.

Steinbeck:What happen sweetie?

Woybff:Some that use to live with us screwed up by shaking a recalled toy with magnets from a 2007 recall. One of them got in my small intestine. The other, Wander got out.

Steinbeck:Why didn't you replace it Sylvia?

Sylvia:I wasn't with her at the time. The reason why those place didn't replace it is some annoying little brat played with the mail.

Steinbeck:Makes sense. I heard one of your enemies was killed.

Woybff:Yes. *smiles* *whispers into Wander's ear* The Dieseal. *laughs*

Steinbeck:Should I question that

Sylvia:Nah Tiffany, once she was trapped now she is free to be herself.

Woybff:*laughs even more*


Sylvia:Oh what the grop it was pretty funny. *laughs*

Steinbeck:What is it? I don't get it?

Wander:You don't need to get Woybff. You just need to know the refence.

Steinbeck:What is it?

Wander:*laughs* It's too funny to say.

Steinbeck:Is it that bad?

Woybff:It isn't wrong, but we just don't do it.

Steinbeck:Well bye. I have a lot of learning to do. *leaves*

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