The Telling of the Gut

Woybff:*walks outside*

Wander:Hey wants sweetie. We can put on your CD Sylvia brought ya yesterday.

Woybff:No. They are gonna come after me for my secrets, and I have be quite as possible.

Wander:I think they won't care if you-

Woybff:The others will. I won't talk about my YouTube as long as I have to.

Wander:No I have to play this. *turns on* *puts it on the fourth song* *walks back to Woybff. Doesn't that feel better. You got the tunes of Vivaldi? Wait do you know anything about him?

Woybff:Just Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart died very young.

Wander:Well you'll learn more.

Woybff:Yeah...I don't want to go back.

Wander:Just be glad it's July.

Woybff:Yes Wander.

  • plays fifth song*



Woybff:What if I have to tell people like Baby Einstein.

Wander:Name the teachers that know about it and Cilan doesn't count.


Wander:See that ain't so bad.

Woybff:And I hint it at Sliverswirl.

Wander:Where has she been?

Woybff:I saw her here doing my recovery.

Wander:I shall get her, so you can tell her so this gets easier to tell people you adore this show.

Woybff:Wander. Come back.

Wander:I'm doing you a flavor. *runs to the phone* Hello Sliverswril can you come over to day. Lovely bye.

Sliverswirl:*walks in*

  • playing the eight song*

Sliverswirl:*upstairs* This is someone nice music you got here Woybff.

Woybff:Oh thank you.

Wander:*coughs* Tell her. *coughs*

Woybff:Alright Coach Sliverswirl I know you being wondering what I been up to. Well my whole outlook as change I almost. Now I like anything Jim Henson made before he died. I also always loved. *throws up* Wander I don't feel so well.

Wander:Holy cow. Uh.. I'll go get a bucket.

  • plays ninth song*

Sliverswirl:So Woybff have you be under the weather?

Woybff:No. Wander was going to make me tell something I am shamed to tell you.

Sliverswirl:You gained a couple of pounds?

Woybff:Well that's wasn't really a reason. But The Muppets I felt I like I should told you.

Sliverswirl:What is it sweetie, you can tell me.

Woybff:Alright you know this music in this room isn't the original song. It's actually a different version. *turns the Summer or Fall songs* Coach, I have always like this. Even if it had one lead recall. I like Baby-*throws up even more*

Wander:*returns with a bucket* *cleans it up* What happen?

Sliverswirl:She tried to tell me again.

Wander:I knew this was hard. Well she told ya she liked The Muppets so I guess that's process.

Woybff:*throws up*

Wander:Woybff what are we gonna do with you.

Woybff:*lays down*

Wander:*plays the last song*

Sliverswirl:Are you okay Woybff?

Woybff:Oval. I mean yeah.

Wander:I'm gonna get Sylvia. *walks out of the room*

Sliverswirl:You can tell me now if you want.

Woybff:Okay. *takes a deep breath*

  • sing ends*

Woybff:Oh come. *puts on this one cover by Twenty One Pilots* *walks back to bed*

Sylvia:*walks in with Wander*

Woybff:Coach Sliverswirl, even know Sunil is gone because of something event, I can tell you like Baby *tries to hold it together* Einstein. I also like a show that is older than you. It is called Thomas The Tank Engine, and this cover reminds me of the show.

Sylvia:Oh my grop! Woybff is crazy.

Wander:No I made her tell for patience for when the teachers ask her.

Sliverswirl:Wander don't do that. Well good job Woybff since you finally to me. I thought next you told me you like a show about love.

Woybff:No it's friendship. *tries to whistle the Thomas' Anthem*

Wander:Aw maybe I can help with that.

Woybff:Maybe later.

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