The Stranger

Woybff:*awakes up in the dark* thinks:Oh it must be midnight. *walks out of the room*

Discord:Yes this revenge for killing my daughter.

Woybff:But I didn't kill your daughter, Diesel did.

Discord:Which Diesel their like millions of them?

Woybff:The first one.

Discord:Yes I see. Okay I have a deal with you. You can bring her back with your wand I stole from you or you can get taken by a stranger.

Woybff:*thinks about*

Wander's voice:I would hate if something bad happen to you.

Sylvia's voice:I love you just the way you are.

Sunil's voice:Stellar is so mean.

Derpy's voice:Stellar your my new best friend.

Apollo's voice:Isn't Thomas for younger boys.

Moonbeam's voice:It doesn't matter Apollo.

Woybff:I would like to go away with the stranger.

Discord:And that you were "safety first". You just really hate my daughter. *starts fake crying* Pick her!!

Woybff:No. Your daughter is just so flarpin' mean. I would rather die than befriend her. I would rather watch a four hour loop of my some bleach-lover counting to 10,000.

Discord:That's how you feel. Take her away!

Woybff:What about my wand?

Discord:*laughs* I put it by Woybff's bed side.

Stranger:*drags Woybff away*

Woybff:Tell Peepers, I love him.

Stranger and Woybff:*appears in a house*

Woybff:What are we doing here?

Stranger:This is where I live, and if you run away I will shoot you.


Stranger:How about you come insane I'm making dinner.

Woybff:What are you makin' miss?



Stranger:Yeah your so fat. Discord told me your were cute even to eat. How much do you weight?

Woybff:What the grop?

Stranger:150? 180? 220? 300?

Woybff:No your not safe!

Stranger:I live in the middle of nowhere kiddo.

Woybff:Are you gonna eat me?

Stranger:How much do you weight? No screw. *picks up Woybff* You got five days of a buffet.

Woybff:Someone will save me.

Stranger:I doubt. I live in the middle of no where. and you don't even know where you are kid.

Woybff:I'm ready for dinner.

Stranger:What do you want?

Woybff:Pizza. I'm gonna pick a company and make the call.

Stranger:Alright. I'm watchIN' you kid.

Woybff:*walks into her telephone room*  *founds a newpaper* reads in her mind: Shelly Bigton is now a preditor has kidnapping six children, but was never found guilty.  *reaches for the phone* *dials a random number* Hello.

Dorothy:Who is this?

Woybff:I'm Woybff. You sound like my foster mom's mother.

Dorothy:Like Princess Woybff Luna Stars?


Dorothy:Who's my child's voice actor?


Dorothy:Who many sons do I have?

Woybff:Three. Phil, Gil, and Bill I would like to say.

Dorothy:Yes. Who is dating Sylvia?

Woybff:Rainbow Strike.

Dorothy:Where do you go to school?

Woybff:A name isn't confirmed yet, but I like to call it "Not Hater High".

Dorothy:Hey Woybff, this is Dorothy if you haven't guessed yet, do yeah know where ya are kiddo?

Woybff:I'm at the crazy lady's house that kidnapped like six kids.

Dorothy:One sec, Woybff.

Woybff:*waits by the phone*

Shelly:*pecks in the room* How's going with that pizza.

Woybff:They want me to hold because they are busy.

Shelly:*closes the door*

Dorothy:Bigton right?


Dorothy:Hey she's on the same planet has me. She has kidnapped six kids.

Woybff:I think she ate them.

Dorothy:Oh my.

Woybff:What should I do until the police come?

Dorothy:Try the best you can.

Woybff:Promise me when you hang up you will call the police, and after you all them you will call Sylvia.

Dorothy:Yes sweetie.

Woybff:Thank you so much.

Dorothy:See ya hun.

Woybff:You too Dorothy. *hangs up* *walks of the room* So what are you doing?

Shelly:Lay on this cough.

Woybff:It smells like pee.

Shelly:Well of course it does.

Woybff:*lays on it* So what are you doing?

Shelly:Just see.

Woybff:*punches her in the face*

Shelly:Oh my grop.

Woybff:Miss, I help you wanna touch my tummy. Wasn't that what you were gonna do because I am girl. Unless your not into guys that's fine too.

Shelly:No, not at all. You were right the first time.

Woybff:You don't wanna eat me. I have information that will make you refuse to eat me.

Shelly:Oh like what?

Woybff:I know how the Muppets work.


Woybff:Alright you made me do this. *hits the lights*

  • it is soild dark*

Woybff:*turns on the light* No you're learn what your doing is wrong.

Shelly:What is it? Are you gonna turn on Elmo on my computer?

Woybff:No at all. Chadtronic.

Shelly:What Muppet is that?

Woybff:No he's a human.


Woybff:*turns on his latest video*

Someone:*knocks on the door*

Woybff:*answers it*

Cop 1:This the police-

Cop 2:That's the child. Where's Bigton?

Woybff:In the house. I tried her up.

Cop 1:Please ride home in the train around the corner.


Shelly:*screaming* Make it stop! Who is mad this kid's movie this guy is reacting to.

Woybff:*runs around the corner* Thomas!

Thomas:Hello Woybff, I'm here to take you home.

Woybff:Thank you. *goes into Annie* *watches the sunset*

  • makes it home a hour later*

Thomas:Where you scared?

Woybff:At first. I'm glad am I back.

Annie:How where you kidnapped?

Clarabel:Remember Annie, Woybff was taken by Discord because Diesel kiled his daughter.

Thomas:Yeah Percy heard Diesel talking about Discord plan, and we came to recuse you.

Woybff:Thank you so much. I'll see ya later Thomas. Bye Annie and Clarable. *walks in inside*

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