The Maggots

Woybff:*looks over her window*

Wander:Everything okay Woybff?

Woybff:Wander get a bucket.

Wander:*walks of out her room**gets a trash can* Holy grop there are some baby flies in here!

Woybff:Hurry Wander. I'm gonna try if I can make it to the toilet. *runs out of her room*

Wander:*looks in all the trash cans down stairs*  Sylvia!


Wander:We have a big maggot invasion.

Sylvia:Oh grop. Who do you think did this?

Wander:Discord.  We need to check on Woybff. She threw up. *runs upstairs with Sylvia*

Sylvia:Are you alright kid?

Woybff:Sylvia, I threw up some maggots.



Sylvia:Sweetie, your Ma is very stressful now. Please go play with Moonbeam.

Wander:*walks out Woybff out of the bathroom* We'll go to Dr.Octavia's office. She'll fix you up before your big trip.

Sylvia:You going on a trip. *walks with them* Why?

Woybff:I'm going to see family with Apollo and a special guest.

Sylvia:Why isn't Moonbeam goin'?

Woybff:She thinks she can take care of herself. Think it is I'm going on a holiday.

Sylvia:What is that?

Woybff:A vacation.

Wander:*walks her into Octavia's office* Woybff threw up maggots.

Octavia:*looks inside her* All the maggots and eggs are gone. But Cilan and Sylvia have to clean up everything.

Wander:Why not me?

Octavia:Wander, you need to take a bath, there could be someone you.

Wander:Can you check?

Octavia:No matter what you're taking a bath.

Wander:Yes ma'am.

Octavia:*looks in Wander's far* No maggots.

Wander:*knocks the door*

Woybff:Octavia wants me to take a bathroom too.

Wander:*walks to the one by Apollo*

Apollo:I'm in here.

Wander:*runs to the one into to it* *takes his hat and shoes off**

Octavia:*sits some clothes by Wander's hat*

Wander:*later gets out* *looks at the clothes and the note* thinks:Oh these will protect me from the maggots. *puts them on and his hat * *looks in the mirror* thinks:I think Woybff would love me in this tax. *cleans his shoes* *walks out*

Cilan:Oh hey Wander. Woybff wants you to walk out that door downstairs in the basement.

Wander:*runs to the basement* *opens the door* *thinks:We had a garden back there? *skips about until he gets to the horses* Why are you guys tied up. Of course for Woybff's trip.  Why would she take horses? *shrugs*

Woybff:*wears a big dress* 'Ello Wander. Apollo and I are ready do you know who are special guest is?


Woybff:No silly, it's you.


Woybff:Yeah get in with us to go.

Wander:Oh my gosh I will.


Wander:You bet.

Apollo:*sits in the third sit*

Woybff and Wander:*sits in the second sits*

Wander:What made you what to go into horse power?

Woybff:I loved how classical music with it. It's the jounery that counts.

Wander:I love how you know these things by heart. *hugs her*

Woybff:*hugs her back*

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