The Unsafe Adult

Wander, Woybff, Sylvia and Rainbow Strike:*walking in the bad part of town*

Woybff:I'm really scared about school.

Wander:It'll be alrgiht.

Screwball:Hello there.

Sylvia and Rainbow Strike:*have shocked faces like in DHMIS one*

Screwball:Who's my only student.

Sylvia:Oh yeah. I didn' t know this Woybff, but I have good news. We wouldn't let him touch your paper work.

Screwball:What am I gonna do.


Woybff:Hey guys we are in the bad of town.

Sylvia:Oh yeah.



Rainbow Strike:Don't run into Barney house.

Screwball:Bye, bye Woybff.

Woybff:I am gonna be your least favorite.

Screwball:Nah you're so nice to almost everyone. *walks away*

All three:*walk into Barney's house*

Sylvia:Now I see why all this posters to save the dogs on Earth.

Wander:*runs into Sylvia arms* Save me!

Barney;I just wanted to tickle you.

Wander:Tickle my butt.

Rainbow Strike:Holy flarp.

Woybff:Mattel is stupid getting you your job back in 2017. Hasbro is smart, they give Lauren a job to make a show that would create bonies.

Barney:Look at this gun. *fires it at them*

Wander:*pushes Woybff to the ground*

Sylvia and Rainbow Strike:*get hit*

Wander:What was that gonna do?

Barney:It makes them love together in a silly way.

Sylvia:When we go to my house we should eat Peepers.

Rainbow Strike:No you should eat Peepers it was your idea.

Sylvia:Yes he will die in my tummy.

Woybff:Holy crap.


Barney:Now I can touch you.


Wander:*hides behind Woybff* That's not right.

Barney:What do you two say?

Rainbow Strike:Burn the recalls!

Sylvia:Yes you can touch Woybff and Wander's tummies.


Woybff:I can't believe you, Horse Mom.

Barney:What bout their hugs?

Wander and Woybff:*hugs each other*

Rainbow Strike:Doggie Day Care is cancer!

Sylvia:Yes you can touch their bottoms.

Wander and Woybff:*screams*

Barney:And their gentials?

Wander:Sylvia say no!

Rainbow Strike:Ken is a stalker.

Sylvia:Yes to both statements that Strike and Barney said.

Woybff:I'm too young to get messed with.

Wander:I'm too old to get messed with.

Rainbow Strike:*walks to Barney* Hey I think you trying to hurt my friends. *lightly slaps him*

Barney:No go back and kiss Sylvia.

Strike:*runs back and kisses Sylvia* Why is Mattel still bussiness for those recalls of 2007?

Sylvia:They wanted to kill more kids.

Strike:I wish we could save WOY?

Sylvia:They don't reply we'll blow up Disney Land.


Barney:*walks to Woybff and Wander* Since you two are under and older age I'm just gonna touch your tummy.

Wander:Oh that's not so bad.

Woybff:I kill you, Barney!

Sunil:*crashes into the house* *burns his hat and wand* I gave up magic for you Lunie, come back to me Woybff.

Woybff:*hugs him* I love Sunil.

Sunil:*hugs back* *turns to Barney* I'm ready.

Barney:How can a shrimp like you beat me?

Sylvia:It's my friend, Dr.Neval.

Rainbow Strike:Let's help Dr.Neval. *punches Barney in the guts*

Sunil:*finds the gun* *blasts Sylvia and Strike*

Sylvia:Holy grop what happen?

Rainbow Strike:Who cares let's beat up Barney.

Wander:Thank Sunil.

Woybff:Thanks so much.

Sunil:Can I come back?


Sylvia:What happen guys?

Wander:Barney is that unsafe adult we all known and wanna stay away.

Sylvia:You wanted to save the dogs.

Rainbow Strike:*kisses Sylvia*

Sylvia:*blushes* What happen to us?

Woybff:You too when crazy. Sylvia, you agree everything Barney said. Rainbow Strike, you said a bunch of things about Mattel I found funny later on.

Rainbow Strike:I thought I said something about eating Peepers.

Sylvia:And I thought I came up to question Barney?

Wander:No Sylvia, you said something about eating Peepers; and you, Rainbow Strike came to question Barney.

Sunil:Let's all go home.

  • later at night*

Wander:Good night Woybff. Why are ya so upset?

Woybff:What if-

Wander:I know your pain. Sleep tight Bff. We love you.

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