The Present

Pinkie Pie:*walks into Octavia's room* Who did this to you?

Wander:The Great Gonzo wrecked into us with a recalled Powerwheel.

Pinkie Pie:That's terrblie.

Sylvia:Woybff knew this would happen. What is that big box Pinkie?

Pinkie:It's gift for Woybff from Hasbro. I'll have to tell them you two also got injuried by Mattel.

Wander:I'm not sure if they care about us since Disney would let them make are mech.

Pinkie:It'll happen some day. *walks out of the room* Woybff?

Woybff:Yes come into my room.

Pinkie:*walks into her room* Here is your gift.

Woybff:What is it?

Pinkie:I really have no idea.

Woybff:*opens it* Holy crap it's bunch of MLP toys. That's werid. There's a yellow pushie in here. Maybe it's of Cheese Sandwich. *reachs for it*

Screwball:*jumps out*

Pinkie:How did Hasbro let you there?

Screwball:Sticked in there.

Pinkie:*pushs him out of window* And never come back!

Woybff:I use to thought you two would last.

Pinkie:Don't get upset. I am sorry.

Woybff:It's like Voliet and Harue.

Pinkie:I can say here with you.

Woybff:Thank you, Pinkie.

Pinkie:I love you.

Woybff:I wish I would stay like this.

Pinkie:We will never leave. And we will end the history of Stellar.

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