The Books

Woybff:*runs into the house* Oh my grop! Wander, someone brought all the pizza.

Wander:Who sweetie?

Woybff:Diesel Ten stole all the pizza. I wanted to buy all the pizza for us to have a pizza party.

Wander:Aw that's sweet.

Woybff:I just wanna punch his face.

Sylvia:Just one question, why does he what pizza?

Woybff:I didn't know, I'm sure Thomas will be fine. I hope Percy is too, I'm kinda worried for the little guy.

Narrtor:At Sodor island Diesel Ten had cheese in his funnel.

Percy:Silly Diesel Ten, we aren't people. We don't even get hungry.

Diesel Ten:Shut up Percy, do something dumb!

Thomas:Maybe you should.

Narrtor:Back that the castle..

Woybff:Stupid Diesel Ten! I would destory him unless he wasn't so scary. See how he likes those death threats.

Wander:*walks upstairs* Hey Woybff, Coco brought these because Foster's was running out of room.

Woybff:What is it?

Wander:I think it's books. If it is a bunch of lead paint toys come find me and Sylvia, no in this is getting hurt by Mattel anymore. *walks out of her room*

Woybff:*opens the box* Oh remember this book. *reads it* thinks:This book is about puzzles and animals. *find another one* Lol I'm dealing with the same problem. *reads Just a bully* thinks:Maybe the writers should of wrote one about him being sad because of the bullying.

Jack:*knocks on the door*

Woybff:*pushes the box of books* Come in.

Jack:Hey I'm in a movie on Monday.

Woybff:I remember saying that. Do you play the bad guy for something?

Jack:I just in a way. Do you have a problem with that?

Woybff:It's little different that what I'm seeing. I mean that role of that fat man on Bob's Bugers is fine, but you played a


Woybff:I thought they were just girls.

Jack:Why did you think that?

Woybff:Because Tina and her mom were played by men, so I thought it was the same thing.

Jack:Oh, well I hope you won't forgot.

Woybff:Now you won't be jobless.

Jack:*laughs* Bye Woybff.

Woybff:Goodbye Jack. *runs to hug him* I couldn't help myself.

Jack:*pats her head* *speaks in Wander's voice* So what's in the box?

Woybff:Just some books. I'm fine Jack. *sits on the floor*

Jack:Alright see ya. *walks out*

Woybff:I'll just like a random book. *reaches in there* thinks:I remember this book. *reads it silently* thinks:Oh yeah I remember this he's a cat, but he thinks he's a dog. *smiles* *walks down stairs*

Wander:Do you feel better now?

Woybff:Yes I do.

Wander:I'm glad.

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