The Robot

Wander:What happen Woybff? Please don't tell you wanna kill yourself?

Woybff:No I had a accident with the razor.

Wander:Aw I'm sorry. *gets the ban-ads* Someone's at the door. *walks to the door* *opens it*

Gir:(in dog suit)Wander, can Woybff play with me?

Wander:No Gir she got hurt.

Gir:*cries* Why? *walks away*

Wander:Are you alright?

Woybff:The pain hurts me Wander. Who was at the door?


Woybff:Can you get him to come back?

Wander:Alright. *walks outside*

Gir:Hi Wander.

Wander:You can come in but be gentle to Woybff.

Gir:I got furry cowboy.


Gir:Hi Woybff. I'm sorry you got some boo-boos it looks like. I will destroy whoever did this to you?

Woybff:Tha would be me.

Gir:I won't than.

Wander:*walks back in the room* What do you guys wanna do with me?


Gir:I think Woybff wants it just to be me and her.

Wander:Woybff is this true.

Woybff:Yeah kinda.

Wander:I'll come in if something bad happens.

Gir:Alright Woybff, let's go to your room.

Woybff:*walks to her room with Gir*

Sylvia:Aren't they so cute together. Well Woybff is cute with everyone.

Wander:What do you ship Worty?

Sylvia:No, I don't have a true parting for Woybff.

Wander:Alright Sylvia, I gonna make some snacks for Gir and Woybff.

Sylvia:My true paring Wander is Rainbow Strike and I.

Wander:I gonna go Sylvia.

Cilan:Hey Wander.

Wander:I always wondered Cilan where did Woybff go to school at before Hasbro Middle School?

Cilan:As I recall she had her preschool days at Nick Jr Elementary with Blue, next she when to Daisy Special Education Elementary, after advancing her grade levels she when to Doomsheart Elementary where I started working there.

  • flash back as Cilan narrators*

Cilan:I saw a child eating lunch alone, that child was Woybff, I came to her. "What's wrong I ask?" She cried to me:

Woybff:I hate this school. Can help me get out? You will probably say no.

Cilan:"No," I told her. "I will free you from this school, and take you to a school where your teacher is so wonderful in their own way."


  • flash back ends*

Wander:That doesn't explain why she goes to Daisy.

Cilan:Well when Woybff is probably eleven Craig told that he knew Woybff was autistic since she was in preschool. The told Frankie, Madame Foster, and that rabbit guy. He also told all friends and Mac the first year when she went to Hasbro Middle School. I got a diagnosis before she when to Hasbro Middle School.

Wander:That's amazing he didn't tell anyone about Woybff.


Wander:See ya Cilan. *runs upstairs* *opens the door* What's wrong?

Woybff:*hugs Gir* I don't want to go back to school.

Wander:Sorry Woybff you have to go one the..I'll go ask Sylvia, but I think it's the eighth.

Gir:Wander, I can go to school with Woybff?

Wander:I don't think they let robots in.


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