The Moring

Sylvia:Good moring, Woybff. What happen?

Woybff:I slept in, and I had a nightmare.

Sylvia:What's so scary?

Woybff:I was in a fun house.


Woybff:So I had no idea where the exit was.

Sylvia:Are you alright?

Woybff:I'm really crabby. I gonna make lots of mistakes.

Sylvia:Get your dress on. Priscilla Lex is here.

Woybff:*screams* *walks upstairs*

Wander:What's going on?

Sylvia:Uh Wander, Woybff overslept.

Wander:Aw poor thing. Why is she getting dressed?

Sylvia:Priscilla Lex is here.

Lex:*opens the door*

Wander:Good way Wander it isn't error. She hasn't even had breakfast yet.

Lex:I don't care this are play date.

Sunil:No it's called a hang out, and I have that everyday.

Lex:Who are you?

Sunil:Nobody special. *goes like to bed*

Woybff:*returns* Hello Priscilla.

Lex:Good moring Woybff. *runs to hug her*

Woybff:No, no. *hides under the table*

Wander:Come out, Henry.

Woybff:I don't want to come out.

Wander:Come on, I'll help you. Sylvia's doctor says she can't.

Woybff:No I'm fine here.

Wander:Alright we're gonna brick up the table.

Woybff:Is are table made by IKEA?

Lex:Why are you so worried about?

Woybff:I just am if gonna problem talk to China.


Woybff:I mean Craig.

Lex:Who's Craig?

Wander:He's kinda like my dad.


Woybff:Get out of my castle. *tears up*


Summer:*walks in* Who the heck are you?

Lex:I'm Priscilla Lex, her best friend.

Wander:No she's not.

Summer:Oh I'm Woybff grandmother, Summer Olive Stars. I came here to tell Woybff there was a big storm.

Woybff:*gets out of the table*

Lex:Yay I can say here forever.

Sylvia:No, you just can't you good for nothin' flarf naffer.


Apollo:Hey Woybff-Who the heck is that?

Lex:I'm your sisters best friend.

Apollo:Why does she Mattel?

Lex:Because of how stupid the Fisher Price products are.

Apollo:Alright I'm not sure if you know, so I'll ask a simple question. Who is the greatest in the galaxy?


Woybff:Apollo she wasn't my friend.

Apollo:I could tell by your body language. I just wanted to have a little fun.

Lex:But who is the greatest in the galaxy?

Woybff:I like to be random, screw you!


Woybff:Get out of my house!

Lex:Alright.*walks out*

Woybff:The rain will kill her.

Apollo:No but if she runs she'll get wetter. *looks out the window at Priscilla Lex* *laughs*

Wander:Holy crap the rain.

Woybff:Come Wander let's watch YouTube.

Wander:Alright. *walks upstairs with Woybff*

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