Attack on Toddler

Sylvia:*skyping Rainbow Strike* Yeah I'm doin' fine. Don't worry about me.

Rainbow Strike:I will worry about you.

Sylvia:Yeah...*looks on the calendar* Oh my grop. Rainbow Strike I gonna go.


Sylvia:I need to get ready for the sad party.

Strike:Is today the day?

Sylvia:Yes. Bye.

Strike:Bye my love. *hangs up*

Sylvia:*hangs up*

Pinkie:Hey Sylvia, I got all the party stuff for you. Also Cilan making a cake.

Cilan:*walks in Sylvia's room* You know Pinkie Pie I deiced today I wanted to be lazy, so I got a ice cream cake today instead.

Narrator:So Cilan, Pinkie Pie, and Cilan got the party ready. Wait I think I'm gonna die.

Sylvia:Alright Woybff will love this.

Wander:She's almost home.

Gidget:I really need to tell Queenie somethin'

Woybff:*walks with Sunil*

Gidget:Mom can I got to Hollywood.

Woybff:Yes you can.

Wander:Uh Sweetie...

Sunil:Oh Wander I'll tell you everything while we have cake.

All:*eating cake with Komasam*

Sunil:So while were at the park there were these toddlers. Luckly we if it wasn't for Zim we wouldn't be here.

Sylvia:Good grop.

Komasam:So why are we havin' cake today?

Cilan:Good question Komasam, Woybff will tell you everything.

Woybff:No go ahead Cilan.

Cilan:It's your special interest.

Woybff:*looks scared* Alright. Today nine years ago their was a recall that scared the crap out of everyone. It's was called Mattel's Lead Paint Recall of 2007. All the toys were made in China. That wasn't just today. No, they was a recall on the 14th. Then the next two months there was even more. September 4th and October 25th of that year too. So that's why I am never paying a train from Mattel.

Wander:Wasn't that a different recall?

Woybff:Yes. In April and June I believe-

Sunil:That's enough Princess.

Woybff:When can I be queen?

Wander:Less than two and a half years.

Narrator:*getting air* That night.

Sylvia:Alright Woybff good night.


Sylvia:What did you need, girl?

Woybff:Can you sleep with me?


Woybff:I'm scared the toys, I mean toddlers will kill me.

Sylvia:How about a night light?

Woybff:They make it hard for me to sleep.

Sylvia:What about-

Woybff:No I wanna sleep with you.

Sylvia:What about Sunil or Wander?

Woybff:Your my horse mom.

Sylvia:Alright. *lies on Woybff's bed*

Woybff:*cuddles her*

Narrator:The next day Woybff, Sunil, Wander, and Sylvia when back to the park. Hello everyone I'm Sir Newland the narrator I just wanted you all to know I'm dying from a lead paint poising both my grandson Paul and I are having.

Woybff:Their here.

Wander:This terrblie.

Sylvia:Oh grop.

Sunil:Let me go over there. *walks to them* Hello Toddlers, I am the mad man from the other day that.

Toddlers:*take Sunil away*

Wander:*tears up*

Sylvia:I gonna stop them.

Their mom:*ties Sylvia* Their having fun.

Woybff:Oh crap...

Wander:*walks over* Give back my friend!

Female Toddler 1:*gets on Wander's back*

Wander:Get off please.

Male Toddler 1:*gets on Wander's back*


Sylvia:*brakes free* *gets Sunil* *runs back* I'll get you later Buddy. *puts Sunil down*

Sunil:Thank gosh.

Sylvia:*runs back to get Wander*

Wander:Okay let's go home. *walks back to the castle with Woybff, Sunil and Sylvia*

Sylvia:*walks in with Wander* I hope Richard is okay?

Wander:Hey Richard are you okay?!

Tom:*walks to Wander* Wander, Richard is died.


Sunil:Maybe you should be are new narrator.


Sunil:What's so funny.

Sylvia:*tells Sunil something*


Woybff:*hits Tom with staff* That's for being married and playing King Jellybean.


Woybff:I am sorry Sylvia.

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