The Speech

Harue:I didn't know where you got that stupid idea.

Sylvia:Alright it's almost ten, so get in bed.

  • morning*

Apollo:You want some Booty-os too, Woybff?

Woybff:Yes Apollo

Moobeam:I didn't get why you like The New Day?

Apollo:What's your problem?

Moonbeam:I also like AJ Styles, and I would like to marry him.

Apollo:Good grop.

Woybff:If you married him I would shoot myself, and I'm not even suicidal anymore.

Moonbeam:That's great, but why do you not want AJ as your brother in-law?

Apollo:He sucks.

Woybff:He hates John Cena.

Apollo:That too.

Sylvia:Guys it's time to go.

Woybff:Sylvia, Moonbeam likes AJ Styles.

Sylvia:What did see him, kiddo?


Wander:Yeah it ain't as good natured as me.

Moonbeam:To you believe there is good in AJ?

Wander:No like John said he needs teach his butt lesson, Moonbeam.

  • the bus stops*

Sylvia:*pushes them outside*

Apollo:Do you wanna sit with me Woybff?

Woybff:No I'll sit with Moonbeam.

  • at school*

Moonbeam:What's your first class?


Apollo:Good luck Sonny Boy.

Woybff:*laughs* You too.

Moonbeam:I didn't get it.

Apollo:You were out of the room.

Moonbeam:What are you guys talking about?

Woybff:The New Day.

Moonbeam:Of course you are.

Woybff:*walks into her class*

Teacher:Hello I am Mr.Hector Dog, you must be Woybff, you can sit by Priscilla- Oh right your mom emailed me not to do that.

Woybff:She's my foster mom.


Woybff:Yeah it's a long story.

Mr.Dog:She wanted you to sit by Rainbow Strike.

Woybff:Alright. *sits by Rainbow Strike*

Rainbow Strike:Why isn't Sunil in this class?

Woybff:They will for the normal subjects, so that's at least four hours.

Rainbow Strike:Yeah Mr.Dog told me I would be the only freshman.

Woybff:That must suck.

Rainbow Strike:I have you.

Woybff:That is true.

Mr.Dog:Alright Woybff you give the first speech.

Woybff:What's my topic?

Mr.Dog:Anything you like.

Woybff:*walks by to the poll* Hello. *breathes* I am Woybff, and today I have a topic that will blow you away. Have you ever wondered when you looked at toy and thought it wasn't safe. Now your on to something. Recalls was the topic I was gonna for.

Rainbow Strike:*face palms*

Woybff:First, there is Hasbro. Getting their start in 1923. Today they make toys like My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, and more. Like many toy conpamies had many fails along the way. Like lead in three products; most were in the late 80s, Some baby products in the 90s killed a bunch of infants; they had to pay a fund, the Easy Bake Ovens burning little childern's hands to bone. I could go on forever, but Hasbro isn't the worst like I made you believe. Their last know recall to my knowing was 2008.

Mr.Dog:thinks:Where is this kid going with this?

Woybff:Now the worst is Mattel. Kickstarting in 1940. Unlike Hasbro they product the terrors known as Barbie, Polly Pocket, Little People, and even more than you believe because they called a "toy giant". Hasbro is like seventeen years older than even. They are even worst than Hasbro. If you thought three was bad how about nine. It start in 2007 since the starting of August this terrible thing came about. First it was the toys from Nick Junior; next was Cars; then it was Barbie, a Geo-Train, and a from strange show on PBS I believed called It's a Big, Big World,*cringes*, and a boat in October. Also there is all the dang Magnets. It started on March 31st, 2006; where someone died that wasn't even two yet. Next with Polly Pocket on November 21, 2006. Next in 2007 it happen again with those same Rosa Art Magnet kits in April. Then in August with Barbie's pooper-scooper. Also on that day Doggie Day Care, Batman, and more Polly Pocket. No one was hurt until this year. More happen in early 2008 with 19 reports off them coming off. Now their haven't been more of these, but Mattel once again had a big recalls in 2010. Like Balls since the year 2001, and Trikes since 1997.

Priscilla Lex:Why were the Trikes recalled?

Woybff:Well you can go check on the CSPC website because that isn't the best thing to talk about it school. Remember that one kid that magnets inside their body in 2016. That was me, someone older than me shaked it. One was in my nose, and the other was in my small instine. My senpia whom is best friends with my foster mom got the one out of my nose. Next my step-mom whom is a doctor got the magnet out of my small instine. Now I have scar. We did sue Mattel.

Priscilla Lex:That story is bull crap.

Rainbow Strike:I was there. It was real indeed.

Mr.Dog:Yes it is real, the school knows about Woybff's scar too. Woybff you stole the show. Your speech almost last the whole hour.

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