The Unlucky Day

Woybff:*sees a figure* Cass:*walks into Woybff's house*

Sylvia:*picks him up*

Cass:What the f***.

Sylvia:I got your new schedule.

Woybff:New? I was enjoying art.

Sylvia:Well I don't know what to tell yeah kid. They wanted to change your classes because of this frick.

Cass:I don't want any trouble now.

Sylvia:I will kill because how you triggered my child.

Cass:This is your terrible mom?

Woybff:Foster Mom. I have three moms and two dads.

Cass:That's missed up.

Sylvia:Welcome to Woybff's world. *passes the paper*

Woybff:The first class I have for 5th hour is hard.

Sylvia:You got Strike. I know-

Cass:*laughs* Everything's to hard for you because your autistic.

Sylvia:*punches him* This are your flarpin' fault.

Woybff:*walks away*

Sylvia:*throws him out the window* Woybff?

Woybff:*cries* I'm going to bed!


  • the next day*

Sylvia:I gonna watch your last two classes.

Woybff:Alright. *walks into the bus*

Sunil:Is everything okay? *follows by Moonbeam and Apollo*

Woybff:Sylvia's gonna watch me at my darkest hours.

Sunil:*hugs her* I'm sure gonna miss you in that d*** art class.

Woybff:*hugs back* Me too.

  • 7th hour*

Stars:Where's Coach today?

Woybff:She's probably late. *looks around for Sylvia*

Stars:That's a great thought.

Sylvia:*walks out* Hello everyone I'm your coach for the hour. Since I don't have a last name you can just call me "Sylvia". Now go dress out.

Class:*walks into the locker room*

Sylvia:*walks in*

Stars:Do you help with that clip board, I know everyone in this class.


Stars:I asked them all what their names are. *checks off most names* *gives clip board back to Sylvia*

Sylvia:Thank you.

Woybff:*hides behind Sylvia*

Sylvia:Woybff. Get in front of me.

Woybff:*walks to her*

Sylvia:What's the matter?

Stars:I think it has to do with that girl.

Priscilla Lex:Hi Woybff.

Stars:Screw off!

Sylvia:Okay what sport are you in now?

Woybff:Today were gonna play Capture the flag.

Sylvia:Good luck.

  • later after some crap*

Priscilla Lex:Aren't ya gonna get me Woybff.

Woybff:*watches careful* I have something to say.

Priscilla Lex:What is it.

Woybff:*tags Lex's friend* And you can't teach that.

Sylvia:*face palms*

Priscilla Lex:*runs out to the over side*

Woybff:*tries to get her* *falls on her scar*

Sylvia:STOP!! Time out. *walks to Woybff*

Priscilla Lex:*walks to Woybff*

Sylvia:You go back where you were! *makes it Woybff* What's wrong honey?


Sylvia:*looks around* Can you walk?

Woybff:Little bit. *tries to get up*

Priscilla Lex and other class mates (that aren't friends with Woybff):*laughs*

Sylvia:What if that was you on the ground? What if that was you?

Woybff:Can get on your back, and you can take me to the nurse.

Sylvia:*lies on the ground for her*

Woybff:*walks to her* *lands on her back*

Sylvia:Burns that bad?


Sylvia:You all get ready for eighth hour. I don't care if anymore. If anything you all loosed, but Stars because she is Woybff's friend.

Stars:I won!

Sylvia:*walks to the nurse's office* So does your scar on your tummy burn?

Woybff:Yeah. I don't wanna remember that terrible day.

Sylvia:*makes it to the nurse* I think we just need some ice.

Woybff:I'll be right back. *tries to walk to the bathroom*

Screwball:*walks to Sylvia*

Sylvia:How did Woybff get stick with you. They should of done a background check on you.

Screwball:I enjoy seeing the little teen, and harass her about getting her homework done right.

Sylvia:I'll be right back. *runs to the bathroom* Woybff I need to find Screwball's boss. I'll right back.

Boss:I am here.

Sylvia:*pass tape record*

Boss:Your fired Screwball.

Woybff:*comes out and lands on the ground*

Sylvia:*touches forehead* Oh my grop your burning. Can I take her out.

Boss:That's for the nurse to deiced.

Sylvia:It'll okay.

Woybff:*walks into the nurse's office again*

Sunil and Stars:*walks to Sylvia*

Sunil:Where's Dr.Jones?

Sylvia:I got him fired.

Sunil:Thank gosh.

Nurse:You can take her home, she has a 103 flever.

Woybff:*gets on Sylvia* My homework, what about my homework.

Sylvia:I'll help you. What is it?


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