The Nightmare

Woybff:*steps on to a stage* Hell-hello I am Woybff St-stars the princess of Wander Ov-over Yonder.

Wander:*turns on Symphony No.9 Movement 2 by Beethoven*

Woybff:*overlooks all the people looking at her* *starts to cry*

Wander:*walks out*

Woybff:Senpia..I mean it's not easy being a princess for everyday of your life. *runs to the back of the room* No, no I can't do this.

Younger Mr.Dog:What about that speech?

Woybff:There is no speech. Only fear. Give me a bad grade. I don't give a crap. So I want to be done. *runs of out of the class room* Wandie!

Screwball:He's gone. May, may you need to come down. How about I take care of that. *blasts the tickle machine on her*

Mr.Dog:*runs out*

Screwball:Your too late. *laughs*

Woybff:Now I am free! Free I tell you, free!

Screwball:If you give the child a negitave moment in their lives they ain't gonna try 'cause their scared. Just like little...Woybff.

Woybff:*smiles* I know what I'm doing. That's why everyone in the dream's a human.

Screwball:Yes Woybff, I am helping you.

  • sing is over*

Woybff:Oh Screwball what does the creator need?

Screwball:She needs help. She wanted me to get you since your school burned down she wanted you. I quote, "I am living in a nightmare."

Woybff:That's terrblie. We need to help her badly.

  • music is now Spring Waltz by Chopin*

Screwball:Yes but I don't know how.

Woybff:The creator..can't die but she can't go on. What is happening in her life.

Screwball:She is stick in a class she hates just like your class.

Woybff:What should I do?

Screwball:Find her and stop this madness inside of her.

Woybff:*wakes up* thinks:Alright I'm coming for you my creator.

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