The Ball Room

Whisper:When is the princess coming?

Komasam:Mama told me she'd be late.

Sunil:I think someone should look for her.

Wander:No she's fine.

Gir:*walks in with his dog suit* Woybff is coming.

Zim:Very good. Gir,

Gir:And I get to have to first dance!

Zim:You don't know how to dance.

Gir:Yes I can. You know about that. *points to Natalie's stomach* Woybff wouldn't tell how the works. All she told me was your the father.



Woybff:*walks in* Hello I am here.

Rainbow Strike:Can we dance now Sylvia?

Sylvia:Yeah but just one.

Woybff:*dances with Gir*

Gir:I like you.

Woybff:I love you.

Komasam:*walks around*

Cass:Oh their special.

Komasam:No Mama is!

Cass:So when did Woybff have you?

Komasam:No she's adopted me.


Komasam:Hey your that jerk,. Mama ain't a jerk. *pushes him out of the ball room*

Gir:Alright Woybff I think I am done.

Woybff:Thanks Gir. *stops* *walks outside*

Gir:Where are you going?

Woybff:To talk to someone.

Gir:Okay. *walks to Zim*

Zim:Yeah I think we should leave soon.

Natalie:Are you still embarrassed.

Zim:Yeah I think we should kill it.

Natalie:*gasp* That's even worst Zim.

Zim:Oh hello Gir.

Gir:I heard you talking about killing the baby. *cries*

Whisper:How about you dance with-


Whisper:I don't know how that is.


Wander:*opens the door*

Woybff:*has her back in Wander's way so, you don't know who is talking to her* can't wait for you come into my castle. *kisses someone* Bye, *turns around but you still can't see the guy* Oh hi Wander.

Wander:Who was that?

Woybff:Just a new friend.

Wander:Are you two going out?

Woybff:No but he will live with us soon. Did you dance with Natalie.

Wander:Don't be silly. *frowns* Yes I did. Zim was too embarrassed. Why did you tell Gir?

Woybff:Gir when all red eyes on me. I had to tell him that Zim was the father. He was confused if they were family or just lovers.

Wander:That's okay. Who was that?

Woybff:You'll know when I upload one of my videos.

Wander:*hugs her* I know I don't say this a lot. I love you, Lunie. I take your for granite a lot.

Woybff:*hugs back* I love you too.

Zim:Gir we have to go.

Gir:But I have met a new friend.

Komasam:Hello Zim.

Zim:Oh my-

Komasam:Swirls. I know. Why can't Nick and Disney be friends.

Zim:Because it's unnatural.

Komasam;Why is Sunil dancing with train Emily.

Zim:*runs to them* That is so weird. So crap!

Sunil:He's from Nick.

Emily:I see.

Sunil:You know I only dated you so Hasbro and Mattel could merge.

Emily:Same here.

Woybff:I can replace you!

Sunil:*laughs* That's funny Woybff.

Woybff:I'm serious. Why do you believe in the merge?

Sunil:I want my friendship with Thomas to be nautral. Like Wander and..Dipper.


Sunil:What did you say? Nevermind.

Wander:You will lose Woybff if you believe in the merge, Sunil. Woybff is a best human I met that knows this recall stuff.

Woybff:I'm the only human.

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