The Creator

Woybff:*walks up at five*

Harue:Hey Woybff.

Woybff:What's meeting of this.

Harue:Violet and I are getting ready to get married soon. We want you to say a few words about it, so first I want you to eat.

Woybff:*walks down stairs*

  • "The Picnic  is played on the TV*

Woybff:Oh you can't sleep Komasam.


Woybff:Sorry I didn't see you. Why are you watching Wander Over Yonder?

Stellar:Because I'm the queen.

Woybff:Craig did not make you the queen.

Harue:*walks in the kitchen*

Woybff:What the crap is this?

Harue:Uh..Woybff, Dr.Ivy wanted you to befriend her.

Woybff:That's stupid.

Stellar:I like turtles.

Woybff:Dad you can't be serious. *cries*

Stellar:*looks at Wander*

Woybff:No. *wakes up* NO!!!

Sylvia:Woybff opened your eyes your wake.

Woybff:*opens her eyes* I'm sorry Sylvia. Well that video give me a nightmare.

Sylvia:What was your nightmare?

Woybff:Stellar was in the kicthen with me.

Sylvia:I didn't know what to Woybff.

Woybff:Maybe I can try calling the Creator.

Sylvia:No we don't need him.


Sylvia:Whatever. Look Woybff, Diesel ran her over and she's dead.

Woybff:I think I'll....

Sylvia:Do what?

Woybff:I'll bright back Dominator.

Sylvia:No! Okay Woybff, we need this creator person.

Woybff:*rings a bell*

The Creator:*teleports down*

Sylvia:She looks like a ordinary girl.

Woybff:Don't say the Sylvia, she's autistic too. She also died too.

The Creator:Woybff why have you called me?

Woybff:I had a nightmare.

The Creator:Yeah so did I, and I know the reason.

Woybff:It's that video right.

The Creator:That quiz.

Woybff:Yes. I'm upset that WOY is canceled.

The Creator:The Mr.Stars in my universe told me to write more stories about them and that's what I'm gonna do now. Create a new spin-off seires.

Woybff:What about Neopets?

The Creator:That too.

Woybff:Alright I can't wait.

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