Moved on pt.1

(translates by Google Translate) Shae:Woybff!


Shae:This making a Undertale movie. *gives her some paper*

Woybff:This is fake.

Shae:Why won't you like Undertale?

Woybff:Stellar, she took them all away.

Shae:So what happen to them?

Woybff:Papyrus and Sans were killed by Diesel 10 without me telling him, the Goat family died of Ebola, and Alphys and Udyne are happily married.

Shae:*throws up* Why didn't you kill them?

Woybff:Because I was great friends with her.

Shae:But Papyrus.

Woybff:Papyrus ist ein arsch!

Shae:What the crap?

Wander:When Woybff is anger around guest she speaks in German.

Shae:What did she say?


Shae:That's really funny.

Woybff:Nicht lachen!

Shae:Are you a German now?


Shae:Are you sure?


Wander:Get out of the room as I calm her down.

Woybff:Wandern, nein. Mir geht es gut!

Wander:You don't sound fine.

Shae:*leaves the room* thinks:What did I do?

Moved On Pt.2

Woybff:*walks by her window* *sings* Ich bin umgezon auf.

Wander:*comes by her window* *sings* She has moved on.

Woybff:Sie solleton mich verraton.

Wander:You shouldn't betrayed her.

Woybff:Jetzt habe ich weitergezogen.

Wander:Now she moved on.

Woybff:Und jetzt soll ich dich wieder sehen.

Wander:And now you want her to come back.

Woybff:Das ist schade.

Wander:It's to bad.

Woybff:Ich bin umgezon auf.

Wander:She has move on.

Woybff:Danke Awdry and Henson.

Wander:Thank you Awdry and Henson.

Woybff:The Muppets, Fraggle Rock, Thomas, and TUGS are tresaure indeed.

Wander:Agreed I loved them too.

Woybff:Ich bin umgezon auf.

Wander:She has moved on.

Woybff:Und es war ein Segen.

Wander:And it was blessing.

Woybff:Jeztz liebe ich bessere Dinge.

Wander:Now she loves better things.

Woybff:I love you so much Awdry and Henson. Ruhe in Frieden.

Wander:Rest in peace.

  • sing ends*

Shae:That was amazing Woybff.

Woybff:Aw really.

Shae:But I'm still mad at you.

Woybff:But it's fake. Even if I still liked it I would tell you the same thing.


Woybff:Don't worry Al working on other things. *looks at the camera* Watch Milo's Murphy's Law on Disney XD! Please.

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