The Rage

Sylvia:*wakes up* Hey Woybff.*pulls covers* thinks:Why ain't she there. *looks at the time* thinks:Well it's seven thirty.  *walks into the living room* How's my golden girl?

Woybff:*turns* Everything is a lie.


Woybff:If it doesn't fucking work that don't sale it.

Sylvia:Calm down.

Woybff:How about you calm down, every single thing is a lie.

Sylvia:Do you have breakfast?

Woybff:Yes when it happened. Now I gonna tummy ache.

Sylvia:Well no wonder your upset Woybff. *sits by her* Tell me what did you see?

Woybff:You know how Mattel kills.

Sylvia:What the flarp did they do now.

Woybff:Nothing I'm trying to compare.

Sylvia:Oh yeah. Later today were getting icecream. You shouldn't have to live with the pain of that stupid train.

Woybff:Yeah stupid Mattel. Well back on track this drug killed thousands and seen commercials on it with Harue. It's called Xarelto.

Sylvia:Really or we just making up it up for the real deal?

Woybff:No this is the true name.


Woybff:I don't want to do with anymore Sylvia.


Woybff:They spam me.

Sylvia:*hugs her* There, there. I can cuddle ya all you want as you calm down. '

Woybff:You're better than Violet but don't tell her I said that.

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