The Search Party

Woybff:I can't go on anymore. *hides in the castle*

Wander:*looks around the castle*

Ruby:Where's Woybff?

Sapphie:I knew she was here a minute ago.

Wander:Did ya say you couldn't find Woybff. We need to get a search party.

Ruby:That won't be necessary Wander.

Sylvia:So I bought this plush of Spot from Lalaloospy, I hope she loves it. She told me her dream I hope this makes her feel better about-

Wander:Woybff is missing.

Sylvia:But she's can't be.

Wander:*hugs Sylvia* Do you think we should call the police?

Cilan:*by the door* Hey guys I think Woybff's in the house.

Wander:Thanks Cilan.

Sylvia:That's a big castle Wander.

Wander:Yeah were gonna need some help. I got it.

5 minutes later.


Wander:Stars was busy. I could only get Peepers, Zim, Gir, and Natalie.

Natalie:We can find her in that big castle. *looks at Sylvia* Is that for Woybff.

Sylvia:It's a surprise for Woybff. At story I was at their getting out these like hot cakes. I only got this for three bucks. What a cartoon.

Natalie:No it's a-

Wander:Let's go find us a Woybff.

All:*goes into the castle*

Sylvia and Wander:*runs to Woybff's room*


Sylvia:Found her.


Wander:You're not in trouble. Tell us why you were hiding.

Woybff:I want to tell Zim so he can tell you.

Wander:I'll go get him. *walks to find him*

Sylvia:Why Zim?

Woybff:He destroyed his own planet.


Zim:*walks in the room* So you wanted to tell me what's been troubling. I promise I wouldn't tell anyone but Wander and Sylvia.

Wander and Sylvia:*walks out*

Wander:What did you think it is? Do you think she's heroin?

Sylvia:That's in a needle, Wander. She won't be on drugs.

Wander:But the Aquadots. Wasn't she on it?

Sylvia:No buddy you were on Aqua dots and I bet Tico did it.

Wander:Did you think Woybff will like that.

Sylvia:Of course, she even remembers her birthday.

Wander:When it is?

Sylvia:The day before The Battle Royale.

Zim:*walks out* She's scared of some kid.

Sylvia:That's it.

Zim:Oh and she's trying to get the castle. She said she wasn't sure if she was joshing.

Wander:*smiles* Joshing.


Wander:Get Sylvia, Josh Dun.

Sylvia:I don't get it.

Wander:I'm sorry. *walks into Woybff's room*

Sylvia:You can finally have this.

Woybff:Spot! *runs to her* *hugs the plushie* Thank you, thank you Horse Mom.

Sylvia:Your welcome Woybff.

Wander:Who's the kid sweetie?

Woybff:There was girl at my school trying to steal Sunil. I can't let her take him away from me. I saw him first. I was scared to tell anyone because I thought they would hate me or something.

Wander:Who's this kid?

Woybff:She's more diasble than me.

Wander:I am sorry.

Woybff:Now you want to beat me.

Wander:No I just wanted to know. We still love you, and we will never stop.

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