The Edge

Woybff:*looking at a window*

Wander:Do you ever wonder Sylvia, what's the matter with Woybff? What is she thinking? And is she thinking about the end?

Sylvia:*turns to Wander* I been thinkin' about all those things Wander. She kicked Sunil out. Now her father looking for him to kill him.

Wander:I don't understand couldn't Woybff accept it.

Sylvia:They have been friends for longer than she met us. At least we were treated as heroes in that planet.

Wander:Well that's because Craig made us.

Sylvia:I miss when she was more happy.

Woybff:Well your not gonna get it back!

Sylvia:Are you okay Woybff?

Woybff:No, but I gonna to see Peepers! *walks out to the skull ship* Peepers I'm here!

Peepers:*opens the door* Come in sweetie.

Wander:Sylvia how do get are Woybff back?

Apollo:Ya don't she's a little period girl.

Sylvia:*looks at Wander*

Wander:Well he's her brother we can't do anything about that.

Sunil:*runs back to the castle* *starts beating Apollo* You take that back Savage. She is just moody because it's normal for teenages like her and Moonbeam.

Harue:*walks down stairs*

Apollio:Dad the stupid mongoose is killing me.

Harue:*shoots Sunil the head* That's better.

Wander:*hugs Sylvia* *cries* Why.

Peepers:So tell me how you feel Woybff.

Woybff:All that is my childhood is eating itself away from me. No can tell me why. They did rather show me what I could be to me. No one draws a line where I want them too.

Peepers:That was really good. What did you mean by the line?

Woybff:Everone is pushing me I feel in so many fields. I can't take it.

Apollo:*runs in all bloodly*  You are a s*****y sister for telling Sunil almost kill me.

Woybff:I didn't want him to, you kept calling me names.

Peepers:*throws him out of the ship* You can stay here for the rest of that day.

Apollo:What's happening?

Someone:*hits Apollo* *walks away*

Octavia:*carries him back to the castle*

Wander:Who hit Apollo?

Sylvia:I'm sorry Wander. We'll never know.

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