The Speech Therapist

Woybff:*watches TTTE on the computer*

Cilan:*runs over* Can I watch it with you?

Woybff:Yes Cilan you can find your love of trains.

Cilan:*watches it with her* That is a-

Woybff:Just watch Cilan. This story are important to me because I relate to them so well.

Sylvia:*walks upstairs* Woybff?


Sylvia:We have guest coming.

Woybff:Cancel it period.

Sylvia:But you canceled it for the same reason four times. I had to say you were to busy.

Woybff:What do they want? Who are they?

Sylvia:They want to teach to be social. It's Alec Greenton.

Woybff:No he can't come.

Sylvia:Please Woybff, I'll let you watch Thomas later.

Woybff:Okay. *turns off the computer*

Sylvia:Open the door!

Wander:*opens the door* Good afternoon Alec.

Greenton:Thanks Wander. Where is Woybff?

Wander:On her way.

Woybff:Hi there.

Greenton:Come with me into the kitchen.

Cilan:I don't trust him.


Cilan:Craig told me about a guy that looked just like Alec.

Wander:But it's nothing.

Cilan:*calls Craig* Come over now. I think he's back.

Craig:*drives over* *gets out of the car* *gets to door* Open this door Wander!

Wander:No this is the best for Woybff.


Wander:*opens door*

Craig:*runs into the kitchen with Cilan* It's you AJ.

AJ:Yeah it's me.

Cilan:Get away from her Gowns!

Alec:But she loves when I rub her stomach,

Woybff:*hits him with a binder and heroin falls out* Do you see what I see.

Sylvia:*walks in* You gonna get ground.

Woybff:No the heroin.

Cilan:Oh we need are phone to call the *waits for Woybff to reply*

Woybff:You do it.

Cilan:The police.

Wander:Are you okay?

Woybff:*faints over*

Cilan:His finger nails are so long.

Wander:She's bleeding.

Cilan:I can fix.

Octavia:No I will.

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