The Touchless

Woybff:*hides in her room*

Wander:Well Woybff we're getting you a new speech teacher. Do you want to help us pick?

Woybff:No. I didn't need it.

Wander:Are you okay?


Wander:You want me to tickle you. *tickles her back*

Woybff:*throws Wander out of the window*

Rainbow Strike:*cataches him* What the flarp did you do?

Wander:I'd tickled her.

Rainbow Strike:*face palm* You know she saw that Chicco activty table with Peepers and Hater.


Rainbow Strike:You even dressed up like a flarpin' caterpillar.

Wander:Well at least she still loves me.

Rainbow Strike:I won't look now if I were you.


Sylvia:Come on in Boober.

Wander:*walks in with Rainbow Strike*

Boober:Can I see her yet?

Whisper:She is very upset with me. I think it's my voice.

Komasan:Chicco killed Mama.

Wander:*hugs him* Yes, son they killed her in a way. *cries a little*

Sylvia:Woybff can see you now.

Boober:*walks upstairs*

Wander:*follows when Boober makes to Woybff's room*

Boober:Tell me what happen maybe I can help.

Woybff:Well Boober.

Wander:*peeks his head in*


Boober:Get out Wander!

Wander:I can help.

Boober:No thank you.

Wander:*walks downstairs* *cries*

Sylvia:Wander it's time to let it go. I know you wanted Wander to love her, but nothing can fix this mess.

Wander:I believe she can heal.

Sylvia:*hugs Wander* No Wander. We tried Wander. We all tried.

Wander:*dries tears with his hands* I believe we have a winner.

Sylvia:Every book by that women I burned because Dr.Ivy told me they would "help".

Wander:No you'll see, y'all will see.

  • 15 minutes later*

Boober:I'm sorry I can't help you Woybff. I'll make sir to take care of the creator.

Woybff:Bye I love you.

Boober:I love you too. *walks out of the room*

Gir:*flies into the room with dog suit one* Guess who made waffles?

Woybff:Oh here in my mouth.

Gir:Yay! *puts one in Woybff's mouth*

Woybff:*eats* What's in them?

Gir:There's waffle in 'em.

Woybff:You're lying! *laughs*


Wander:*watches threw the window* Even know I can't be with you, I can still love you from a distance.

Rainbow Strike:*grabs him* That's creepy. Could you be the creepy caterpillar Wander?

Wander:I am a silly caterpillar.

Rainbow Strike:*throws him* Sorry I got scared.

Wander:You're fine.

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