The Mystery

Someone:*Knocks on the door*

Woybff:*opens it's* Clian.

Clian:Hi Woybff.

Woybff:I miss you SO much. *hugs Clian*


Woybff and Clian:*runs in the kitchen*

Derpy:Woybff, Cilan, someone stole my muffins!!

Clian:It's mystery time. *puts on hat*

Woybff:thinks:I glad Iris isn't here.

Cilan:Woybff any are People on your ship?

Woybff:Team Wander, but 73 killed the males and Tico poisoned the females with lead paint. But there is Wander, Sunil, Sylvia, Snowy, my army, and I. Another than Derpy.

Cilan:I see who would we see first?

Derpy:Sunil! :)

Cilan:Sure Derpy.

Sunil:*getting ready to try a new magic trick*

Cilan:Hold up a sec, Sunil.


Cilan:Did you steal Derpy's muffins?

Sunil:No I wouldn't do than.

Woybff:Maybe Sylvia?

Sylvia:*sating on the crouch with a smoothie*

Cilan:Hello Sylvia I am one of Woybff's older friends. Did you steal Derpy's muffins?

Sylvia:Grup no, that girl loves muffins, plus I'd never steal from her.


Wander:*walking in the hall* *sees Cilan* Oh hello there, wanna be my friend. *hugs Cilan*

Cilan:Sure I'm Cilan. I'm sorry to ask you this, but did you steal Derpy's muffins?

Wander:Never I love Derpy. Wait a was Snowy! *runs to get Snowy*

Snowy:Yeah I did it.

Woybff:So where did you put the muffins?

Wander:I think we all know. In his lil' belly. *pats Snowy's tummy*

Snowy:He's right I'll buy Derpy some more muffins. I'm sorry. *goes and gets a dozen muffins* *comes to Derpy* I'm sorry I stole your muffins Derpy. *holds the box*

Derpy:*looks at box* *hugs Snowy*

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