The Beloved Crane pt.1

Woybff:*writes fanfiction*

Sylvia:Wander have you see Woybff writing fan fiction a lot.

Wander:Yeah I check on her. *walks to her* Are you okay?

Woybff:Mentally I think yes.

Wander:I know it hurts but don't worry, tomorrow will be on it's way.

Woybff:But I'll have to go back to school.

Wander:So is Jubblie, Stars, Strike, and Sunil; maybe Sunil?

Woybff:I think Sunil's dead.

Wander:Yeah probably. What are you writin'?

Woybff:I'll tell you, Wandie. Lofty was scared because he had to repair Action Park. Since some many people died he was to scared to work. Bob knew but he didn't care. Dizzy thought it would be fun to tease Lofty but it just made things worst. Spud was there too. He and Dizzy teased Lofty. Telling him it was silly to be scared of Action Park. Then the wind knocked Spud into the Wave Pool. Dizzy yelled at Bob. He was to busy listening to country instead of Twenty One Pilots to see Dizzy. Lofty tried to grab that stupid boy. But it was too late as they say on Thomas, Spud drowned. Lofty and Dizzy cried. Bob came over when his MP3 player died. "Why are you guys crying, it's a great day?"

"Bob," Lofty cried, "Spud is dead." "I killed him in the grave pool."

"Spud is really died," Dizzy cried.

Spud popped out of the pool. "Ha ha, you guys thought I really died. You guys are so dumb."

Bob was shocked at Spud. Lofty was really angry, "I thought you actually did. I am so angry because I thought I was free of you, you..."

"What's wrong Lofty?" Bob asked.

"I thinking of a swear," Lofty added.

"Is "Guts" a swear Bob?" Dizzy wondered.

"No," Bob finally laid on the ground sobbing.

"Can we fix it?" Dizzy asked.

"No Dizzy. Spud made things worst.

Wander:That was good.

Woybff:Thank you. I love Lofty.

Apollo:Are sister is a baby.

Moonbeam:You can say that again.

Apollo:Why did you write this fan fiction?

Wander:I really meant I was good, really awesome too. If you'd hear the story you all would love the writing. One question Woybff, is Action Park a real place?


Wander:Oh Woybff.

Moonbeam:I was okay with Thomas, I was exicted about The Muppets, but this no.

Apollo:Yeah you really suck.

Woybff:Come on guys.

Moonbeam:Didn't you watch Little Bear last night?

Woybff:Come on, his cat looks like The Creator's cat.

Apollo:Kill yourself, you big baby.

Woybff:I will.


The Beloved Crane pt.2

Woybff:*crying next to a bucket of magnets*

Wander:Ya think she's gonna do it?

Sylvia:I don't know.

Wander:This time she's gonna die.

Rainbow Strike:Then take a step. *throws out the magnets* Woybff?

Woybff:I wanna die.

Rainbow Strike:No please don't. You're sidings don't understand.

Wander:Quick turn on Bob the Builder.

Sylvia:We have her playlist.

Woybff:*puts a pencil near her heart*

Rainbow Strike:Let go Woybff.

Woybff:No. *hears Lofty sweet voice* *drops pencil* *race to the TV* Hi TV, make me a sandwich.

Rainbow Strike:That's better.

Moonbeam:I can't believe this made her stop. *laughs*

Apollo:Woybff the baby.

Wander:Woybff the fangirl.

Sylvia:Woybff the amazing writer.

Rainbow Strike:Woybff the lover.

Woybff:Apollo and Moonbeam the anime betrayers.

Sylvia:Be nice to your sister or that's the last she's see you.

Moonbeam:Fine. I'm sorry.

Apollo:Me too.

Woybff:It's okay. Here's his catch phase.

Lofty (audio):Uh, yeah I think so.

Apollo:What kinda catch phase is that.


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