The Crazy Sister

Wander:Morning Woybff.

Woybff:I don't feel good, Wander.

Wander:That's okay. I'll take care of you. What should I do?

Sylvia:Woybff, I can't take care of you today. I have to help Strike. His youtube name was stolen.

Woybff:Yes go help him.

Wander:Let it to me.

Sylvia:Thanks Wander.

Wander:I can take it all from here.

Komasan:Woybff, Wander, I need some help.

Wander:Well your adopted mother is sick now.

Komasan:Well Uncle Apollo is trying to kill me. I don't want that to happen.

Wander:I don't know what to do.

Apple Blossom:*runs to them* Apollo won't stop hurting me.

Wander:I don't know what to do. Talk to Harue I guess but he went with Moonbeam to see Panic at the Disco, and they'll be back around nine.

Apple Blossom:What about Woybff's mother. She does have a mom, right?

Wander:Sylvia is her foster mom. She doesn't have control of Apollo. Are you okay Woybff?

Woybff:Something bad is happening Wander.


Woybff:Go to the main floor and you will find a massacre.

Wander:Alright. Stay here you two. *runs downstairs*

Cilan:*stands by Natalie's side* Wander, Zim and Apollo are fighting.

Natalie:They are fighting because of Woybff liking Thomas and Bob the Builder.

Wander:And you want me to stop them. Okay I think I can give it a try. *runs into the fight*

Zim:Oh Wander. Okay don't fire.

Apollo:*keeps firing*

Gir:(dog suit)*pushes Wander out of the way*

Wander:Thank you. But how are we gonna stop Apollo from fighting?

Gir:No idea.

Sylvia:*walks in with Moonbeam and Harue*

Harue:Apollo stop now!

Apollo:I must kill Zim!

Wander:Please stop fighting.

Moonbeam:*pushes him to the ground* Where was the old and witty Apollo?

Apollo:He died.

Moonbeam:And you put me under your spell?


Moonbeam:Conjure or not I will won't let this happen again. *attacks Apollo with a knife*

Harue:HOLY F***!!!


Moonbeam:"Have you ever heard of closing the d*** door," brother?

Sylvia:Yeah Rainbow Strike, don't come over. There was a murder. Of course Woybff and I are okay. Her sister murdered her brother.

Moonbeam:I killed him, my father.

Harue:You're groun-no were taking you to a mental hospital.

Wander:Should I get Woybff?


Gir:*walks to Zim* *cries* He was so young.

Zim:*hugs Zim*

Natalie:*comes to hug them*


Sylvia:If that was my child I'd kill you, Moonbeam.

Moonbeam:Then I would kill you too.

Sylvia:I'm taking you to the mental hospital now.

Harue:Just booked her stay on my phone.

Sylvia:Thank was quick. *walks out*

Apollo:"Wake me up, wake me up inside."

Harue:He's alive, thank the lord.

Octavia:*rushes down stairs with her kit*

Apollo:Where Moonbeam?

Harue:We took her to a mental hospital.

Apollo:Good. Did Woybff help?

Woybff:*walks down strairs* What?

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