The Dream 4

Sylvia:*pats Wander on the head* Good night buddy.

Wander:Good night Sylvia. *smiles* *falls asleep and dreams* *looks around* thinks:What is this place? It looks like a school.


Teacher:*running after* *Catches the preschooler and sits her in time out*

Wander:*walks into the class room*

Teacher:Please help me with this child if she doesn't talk you don't sweat she is autistic and shy. *walks out of the room*

Wander:*walks to the preschooler* Hello I'm Wander wants your name?

Preschooler:*doesn't answer*

Wander:What about a nickname, what is one of the shows you watch?


Wander:Any others?

Preschooler:There are too many to name.

Wander:*gives her a paper and some crayons* Can you draw them.


Wander:But it will be fun trust me, I not gonna hurt you.

Preschool:*start to draw*

Five mintues later

Preschooler:I'm done. *shows Wander*

Wander:Aren't those the Power Puff Girls?

Preschooler:Yeah I watch before I go to school.

Wander:They look pretty.

Preschool:Oh they are.

Wander:think:I'm guessin' she doesn't know what to say. *see the teacher* I gotta go sweetie.


Wander:Do you want a hug?


Wander:Goodbye sweet heart. *walks to the teacher*

Teacher:How was it?

Wander:It was amazing she draw me a picture of the Power Puff Girls!

Teacher:I don't know what the Power Puff Girls are, but she never drew anything for us, come back any time.


The Force:*pulls Wander to Lord Hater's ship*

Wander:thinks:Why am I doin' in Hater's ship?

Stellar:I hate you.

Woybff:*crying* Stellar I want to tell Coach, that you are so bad!

Stellar:She is a old hag.

Woybff:Coach is the greatest coach in the universe.

Stellar:What ever you both are mean, and eat Wander.

Woybff:First she was totally nice to me and give me hugs and no I love him, are you mad?

Stellar:Yeah at you?


Stellar:You stole my bread.

Woybff:No that was Pete, he stole your bread because he is a thief and he is a watchdog.

Stellar:What's that?

Woybff:Nothing you'd care about.

Stellar:*stomach growls*

Woybff:Boy I surprised your stomach growled because you eat too many snacks. *covers mouth* Oops!

Stellar:You are mean, you don't even know how much my belly growls.

Woybff:Your totally right, it's just I meant to put that in my...


Woybff:My...*says very quietly* social filter.

Stellar:What's that?

Woybff:I can't explain. *throws*

Stellar:I think your either stupid, mean or both.

Woybff:But I just can't explain don't you get it?

Stellar:Get what?

Woybff:I'm autistic.

Stellar:I don't care!

Woybff:But why it's because you don't know what Autism is?

Wander:thinks:Maybe I should help Woybff?

Stellar:*runs to hit Woybff*

Wander:*plush Stellar out of the way* think:May I should of plush Woybff, oh well.

Stellar:Don't touch me you freak!

Wander:Yeah your right I was a big dummy to push you out of the way inside of Woybff. I just wanted her to be happy and free from your taunts. *looks like he is going to cry* I just don't know what when wrong.

Stellar:*starts hitting Wander*

Woybff:*walks to Stellar* Hey stop that, that's my favorite cartoon character and buddy your beating up.

Stellar:I don't care. *hits Woybff in the gut* *counties hitting Wander*

Wander:*lining on the grounded, crying*

The Force:*pulls him* Wander do not be afraid, she loves you. You are her hero and you have help her threw some tough times.

Wander:*Wakes up*

Woybff:Wandie your wake, I had a nightmare Stellar and I got into argument and you were there at one point.

Wander:I think we had the dream, but not at first. Did Stellat call me a freak and beated me up?

Woybff:Yeah, I tried to help you Wander. Wander, your not a freak nor a dummy, your Wander.

Wander:Yeah your right Woybff, and Wander loves everyone.

Woybff:That's right Wandie. *hugs him*

Wander:*hugs back*

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