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Woybff:*cries* I'm not coming out Cilan.

Pansage:*tears up*

Cilan:But Natalie's your friend.

Woybff:She damages my spirt as the dark eats light from my heart.

She is a blind giant.

I am a little villager with no clue who is the human I am.

I am hurt everyone day.

Cilan:Nice poem.

Woybff:Thank you Cilan.

Cilan:I'll be on my way to tell your father. *turns on Haydn*

Woybff:*writes poetry*

Cilan:Mr.Stars, my have a word about your daughter, Woybff.


Cilan:A friend at the age of eighteen can't see that Woybff makes her upset.

Harue:How? Everyone can see the tears on her face.

Cilan:Beats me. Woybff hangs around either people with mental disoder like her, random people or lovers of WOY like Strike.

Harue:I see. Does she know Woybff is autistic? Even know this a little detal she shouldn't tell everyone she meets.

Cilan:I am not for sure. What do I do?

Harue:Isn't Iris her cousin?

Cilan:That's what she told Woybff.

Harue:Get her told talk to Natalie. Also why would you marry a Fraggle and have incest with your brother?

Cilan:That's not the furture for your only family that is with your blood. I have no clue what is in her mind. Woybff's thoughts were similar with her child only instead was a theory of my brothers and I.

Harue:Go tell Iris your thoughts young Cilan.

  • goes to Iris*

Iris:*lays in her barn*

Gobo:I can't get married.

Iris:If you were a dragon I'd marry you.

Gobo:Let's all go to Dragon Land.

Iris:I love that show. I wanna watch it.

Gobo:Yeah. Pansage?

Pansage:*gives Iris a note*

Iris:*reads it* I think I have found are answer. If only I could write a reply to Cilan.

Pansage:(I can always just wait her to tell Cilan what happened.)


Gobo:What does it say Iris?

Iris:We need to explain to Natalie about Woybff and what she is doing is wrong in a way.

Gobo:I never agreed to come here Iris. I just wanted Doc to not lose it.

Zim and Gir:*walk in* (Gir is not in his dog suit)

Gir:The sweetheart Woybff needs are help.


Gobo:Do you want your sister to marry me?

Zim:Of course not. She needs some not like Dib. You are the Fraggle Dib.

Gobo:Well want do we do?

Iris:Zim and I will do the talking. Gir you should take Gobo home to Fraggle Rock. We will never tell Natalie what will happen.

Gobo:That's a great plan.

Gir:I'll take some cupcakes.

Zim:Not again! Okay Iris and I will still do the talking. You two say there. Come on Pansage.

Pansage:*stands there*

Iris:Zim wouldn't hurt you, Pansage.

Pansage:*runs by Iris*

Zim:Aren't you scared of Oshawoot? *walks along with them*

Iris:Oshawoot was scared of him.

Zim:Oh that makes more sense.

Iris:Pansage is sweet but I have never seen him not like himself rarely.

Natalie:What's this?

Iris:Why are you angry?

Natalie:I got a call from some guy named Dave. He told me not to marry a Fraggle. He told me Jerry's ghost won't like that. Who the f*** is Jerry?

Iris:That's question for Woybff. Hey Natalie. Isn't there another boy that catches your eye? Like that one guy that Black Butler.

Zim:Maybe someone else that I think is great for you. Take my words to heart:Don't date Dib.

Iris:'Cause he's yours. *laughs*

Zim:Lies made by fangirls!

Natalie:Look I don't care anymore.

Zim:Give him up or I'll tell Doc that Cilan set you this year.

Pansage:*runs to get Gir* *takes Gir to a phone*

Gir:Do you want me to call Mr.Stars?


Gir:Very well.

  • 15 minutes later*

Harue and Cilan:*gets off Sylvia and Rainbow Strike*

Pansage:*runs to them*

Cilan:Let's speak with Doc.

Doc:Hello there. Is something the matter.

Rainbow Strike:Yes. Tell him Sylvia.

Sylvia:We are both foster parents you know. Your daughter has always made Woybff stressful. I need to bring this info to you.

Doc:I will have a word with her and what she has caused. *walks to her Natalie*

Harue:I wish this can be solved.

Cilan:It's true.

Natalie:*comes to them* What do I do? Doc told me to talk to you.


Rainbow Strike:I have other words, "IT'S TIME TO STOP!"

Sylvia:Woybff yells at the TV while she's watching WWE.

Cilan:Yeah it's because of Mattel.

Rainbow Strike:She won't take that seriously.

Harue:I just can't believe this came like a wild fire.

Cilan:Thanks Pansage.

Pansage:*hugs Cilan*

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