The Dentist:The Enemies

Woybff:Hi Wander isn't it a great day?

Wander:Please forgive me, my dear love.

Woybff:I'm not ready.

Sylvia:*puts Woybff in a big*

Wander:Come on, Apollo. At least your mother won't drive you.

Apollo:Do we have to walk?

Wander:Nope we Harue's other car.

Sylvia:No Hater's taking us.

  • makes it*

(camera is Woybff's eyes)

Wander:Alright we are here. Take off the bag.

Sylvia:*cuts it*

Woybff:Oh crap I'm at the dentist.

Wander:And we have made sure Screwball take of your doctor like last time.

Prisclla Lex:Hello Woybff I'm here to do your teeth.

Woybff:Sylvia get her out of here and tell the my doctor.

Sylvia:This is your doctor Woybff, Dr.Clackmen.

Woybff:No Sylvia this isn't her.

Apollo:How many times have I got fillings?

Prisclla Lex:Six.

Apollo:Woybff has a point guys. I never got any fillings. Something's wrong Dr.Clackmen.

Prisclla Lex:Come here children so Barney will take pictures of your pretty teeth.

Woybff:Well one of those things were true.

Wander:Come on, Stars children.

Woybff:These is not are dentist. Are dentist when to college.

Rainbow Strike:*runs out of the office* Whatever you too do, don't go into that room. Screwball has a full army and broke the doctor's Tadris, so he can't come back to this time and save you too like last time.

Sylvia:You okay, Strike?

Rainbow Strike:No I'm not okay. That girl *points to Priscilla* almost pulled out all my bottom teeth.

Wander:You can beat up Strike for saying bad things about your dentist, my love.

Woybff:You are not Wander.

Apollo:Who is my best friend?

Wander:Pokemon Go.

Apollo:I don't think these people are Wander and Sylvia.

Barney:*takes them away*


Wander and Sylvia:*takes off there dinguses*

Bard:(was Wander) *crackles* Bye, bye Stars children.

Zylon Dragon:(was Sylvia):*crackles*

Rainbow Strike:Was I dating a guy this whole time?

Zylon Dragon:Just today.

Rainbow Strike:*runs of the office*

Barney:Are you ready to get pictures of your teeth.


Apollo:*beats on Barney* Get wrecked.

Woybff:*feelsthis Enya song-The memory of trees in her bones and plays*

Apollo:You okay, Lumoo?

Woybff:Yeah we can beat them. *gets the lock* It's locked. *uses the music from her bones to open in* *blasts Zylon Dragon and Brad a way* *blasts Screwball and Priscilla Lex*

Screwball:*tries to get up* You are not match for us.

Wander(the real one): *runs in with So I could Find my way* *finds Dr.Clackmen*

Dr.Clackmen:Where are the kids?

Wander:I don't know ma'am. *music pulls Wander to Woybff*

Both:*see the music is in there bones*

Woybff:I love the song you have.

Wander:I also love yours as well.

Woybff:This is like we met again.

Wander:Aw Woybff, I love you. I'm sorry Bard the dragon kidnapped Sylvia and I.

Woybff:*hugs Wander*

Wander:*hugs back* 

Both:*haveOnly Time in their bones*


Woybff:Now people are gonna rant about this not being canon.

  • after 45 minutes*

Woybff, Wander, Apollo and Sylvia:*eating at Burger King*

Mrs.Krips:*walks in*

Woybff:Thank you.

Mrs.Krips:For what child?

Woybff:For protecting America.

Wander:*breaks the fourth wall* Have you thanked a veteran?

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