The Last Hope pt.1

Homestar Runner:So what are we gonna do, Mr.Ruffman?

Ruff:Ruff would be fine, Homestar. What we need is something for Woybff to want to say in this world, but I don't know what really.


Ruff:I just don't know, Homestar.

Homestar:Maybe if we got more help, we will know what to do.

Ruff:True I'll call Commander Peepers to see if he can help us. *makes a phone all*

Homestar:(thinks) Okay I got all these notes. *bumps into a ray gun* Ruff! *teleports* Holy crap, where I am?

Princess Luna:Hello stranger, I'm Princess Luna. I am sadly a counselor at this school and not a principal.

Homestar:Than who is?

Luna:My sister. It's the sad truth.

Homestar:At least you gonna job, like my fathers.

Luna:You came from gay parents.

Homestar:No, they are brothers that created me.

Luna:That makes more sense. So they make cartoons out of you, why haven't I seen you around?

Homestar:Well I'm a web series.

Luna:I see. There is a student at this school I need to spy on for me. See if anything bad is happening in her life.

Homestar:I am wondering.

Luna:Her name is Woybff Stars. Since her guardians aired new show Wander Over Yonder. She isn't like herself. Lauren doesn't agree to my sister than Lord Hater caused her emotional pain. We need your help to figure out what is wrong.

Homestar:I will do it, but what is it for me?

Luna:You will help the show and Woybff.

Homestar:Alright I'll do it.

Luna:Her last hour is PE. Miss Sliverswirl questions why she is like this but has a theory.

(the final hour)

Homestar:Hello there ma'am.

Sliverswirl:Are you Homestar Runner?

Homestar:Yeah. Hey how did Luna know my name?

Sliverswirl:Twilight knew.

Homestar:Oh so that purple unicorn knows my show.

Sliverswirl:Her little dragon son watches it.

Homestar:So where's Woybff? *looks at Stellar* *to Sliverswirl* She doesn't look like Woybff.

Sliverswirl:That's another student. That's my Woybff.

Woybff:*is doing the work up with the another students*

Sunil:Okay Vinnie it's Homestar Runner. I wonder if Strong Bad will show up.


Sunil:*looks crossed at Vinnie*

Sliverswirl:*blows the whistle* Alright ladies, this man is named Homestar Runner. He has came to watch you all need great athletes.

Woybff:Like Rainbow Dash.

Stellar:Rainbow Dash is a stupid name.

Sliverswirl:Be nice, Stellar. Don't want to be with the boys with Coach Rick Sanchez.

Rick:All of you give me twenty!

Sunil:I can't do it.

Rick:You can, you piece of crap.

Sliverswirl:How about a game of fishbee?

Woybff:That's good I guess.

Sliverswirl:I'm glad you agree with me, Woybff.

(all go outside)

The Last Hope pt.2

Stellar:*sits on the ground*

Rick:Get out there a play you little-

Sliverswirl:Do you have to bully everyone?

Rick:Well not Stars. Just tell her she's gonna play or I'll tell Celestia to hold her back.

Sliverswirl:*pushes her in*

Homestar:You can do it Woybff. I believe in you.

Woybff:Thank you, kind...runner.

Zoe:Come on Woybff, darning.


Woybff:*runs to get the fishbee for her team*

Stellar:Bad girl, Woybff, bad girl.

Homestar:*gasps* (thinks) That's a red flag! *runs to Sliverswirl*

Rick:I'll tell ya what Annabelle. You're theory about Stellar hurting Woybff maybe right.

Sliverswirl:You think so? *looks at Homestar* What's the news?

Homestar:Stellar called Woybff a bad girl.

Sliverswirl:I was right!

(later that day)

Lauren:Thank you, Homestar.

Luna:You will help Woybff so much.

Homestar:Thank you.

Luna:What is the year where you are from?


Luna:*teleports him back*

(that evening)

Craig:So I hear Stellar is bullying you.


Craig:Anything can I?

Woybff:Make more Wander Over Yonder episodes.

Craig:We also have Season 1 done.

Woybff:Thank you. *hugs him* Someday I gonna go to find Wander and Sylvia.

Homestar:*comes back*

Sunil:Welcome back. I saw you in my past. It was so cool. Now Vinnie is a Homestar Runner fan.

Vinnie:*bows to Homsar figure*

Homestar:How did I change the world?

Sunil:Well Matt and Mike meet Laruen. Now they are great friends. Matt worked on not just a The Timebomb and The Bounty. He worked on Season 2 episode called The Tears. It is about Peepers crying that Lord Hater give up evil again.

Homestar:What about Woybff?

Sunil:The same things happened.

Homestar:*sees Peepers cry*

Peepers:You can't die, sir. I can't be Lord Peepers.

Homestar:Maybe we are living that episode.

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