The Thanksgiving Dinner

Woybff:Come on, Sunil.

Sunil:Aren't you sure your grandparents won't mind.

Woybff:No just stay with my little cousin. *gets in Violet's space ship*

Sunil:Do you think Woybff loves her little cousin more than me?

Apollo:Are you talking about Pluto or Junebelle?

Sunil:Probably Junebelle.

Apollo:Most likely. I remember last summer he jumped onto are backs.

  • flash back*

Woybff:*screams* Grandma call Wander.

Mary:Oh your fine.

  • flash back over*

Violet:Is everyone ready.

Sunil:So do you guys sit a kids table?

Woybff:It's not that bad because are cousins aren't annoying.

Apollo:Yeah I like my other cousin, dirty rat.

Sunil:I'm a mongoose.

(30 minutes later)

Violet:Alright we are here.

Sunil:Do you're family will be okay?

Woybff:Violet texted them in the ship. Oh it's Grandpa.

Sunil:Hello Henry.

Henry:Oh Woybff is that your from you met in middle school?

Woybff:Yes he is.

Apollo:She keeps finding these anoying people.

Sunil:It knows like your uncle is here.

Woybff:Which one, I have four.

Sunil:That one that lives on the same planet as you.

Woybff:Oh yeah. You can go meet him if you'd like. Their names are Lady and Patrick. They are human because Luna's husand was one.

Sunil:Yes thank you. *walks in* *searches for Lady and Patrick*

Boy 1:Your not Apollo.

Sunil:I'm friends with Woybff. This is the my fourth anniversary being her friend.

Boy 1:I'm Joey Saturn, Woybff's cousin.

Apollo:*walks* I see you were trying to look for the Saturns. They when to get some stuff for the dinner.

Mary:*walks in the room* So Sunil how did you meet Woybff?

Sunil:I saved her from cobras in before we met Stellar.

Mary:Is Stellar that mean girl?

Sunil:Yes. She attacked us with goft balls. We got revenge.

Mary:What do you mean?

Sunil:We told on her to Coach Sliverswirl.

Mary:Oh. I think Lady and Patrick are back.

Sunil:*walks to them* Hello there Lady and Patrick. I'm Woybff's friend from Hasbro Middle School.

Patrick:Yes I heard so much about you.

Lady:Where's Woybff.

Sunil:Let me go see. *walks around* *goes in the basement* Woybff is that?

Woybff:My other cousin, Dot.

Sunil:*walks to Dot* Nice to meet you, Dot. I thought their names were Pluto and Junebelle.

Dot:That's Uncle Pablo. He has like seven kids.

Sunil:It's like my show. How many boys do they have?


Sunil:Holy crap. It's basically my show before I met Woybff. *walks upstairs* She's in the basement Lady with Dot.

Lady:At least there is good news there. We getting ready for dinner now before Pablo and Abby get here.

Sunil:Okay. I'll still be here with are tales.

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