The Senpai pt.1


Wander:*walks to her* Oh are you writing a poem?

Woybff:Yes I am. I hate that everyone assumes that. Well Wander, you know what they saw on game theory.

Wander:No I don't.

Woybff:Did you just want to hear my poem?


(camera turns over to Sylvia)

Sylvia:What are we gonna do, Sunil?

Sunil:Do I look like I know? Look I know Stellar said she would return here. Why even?

Sylvia:I don't know. She may steal you know who from Woybff.

Sunil:Just like Papyrus. I won't mind him being Woybff's boyfriend, but I would prefer Wander, Cilan or even the Homestar Runner.

Homestar:I'll here for tea with the princess.

Sunil:Yes, right this way. *walks with Homestar upstairs* Woybff, you a visitor.

Woybff:*hugging Wander* Honey, I gonna have some tea time with Homestar.

Wander:It's not even Lunch time.

Woybff:I don't give a crap.

Wander:Can I at least join you?


Sunil:We need to have go dense against her.

Sylvia:How did she ever come back?



Sunil:Oh crap!


Sunil:She's right by the door. *gets on Sylvia head*

Sylvia:Come in.

Sunil:Are you crazy?!

Sylvia:Calm down. It's just Strike.

Rainbow Strike:*opens it* *runs in* *close the door* It's bad weather out. Also Stellar was close to me.


Sylvia:*takes Sunil off her head* Is like all worth getting upset.

Sunil:Yes. She basically killed Woybff. I knew her before any of you. She was a bright and happy girl until Stellar killed her. Your are turning into Dr.Ivy.


The Senpia pt.2

Stellar:*breaks in*


Rainbow Strike:I'll protect you Sylvia.


Rainbow Strike:*hits Stellar*

Stellar:Sylvia is a piece of crap.

Strike:*cries* Why would you say that. *hits her in the gut and the next fist in the heart*

Stellar:*pushes Strike into the kitchen*

Sylvia:*runs to help Rainbow Strike*

Sunil:*teleports to Woybff's rooms from* She's coming.


Woybff:Get in the closet.

Homestar:Okay. *gets in the closet*

Woybff:Now don't make any noise or come out.

Homestar:Alright, Woybff.

Stellar:*brakes in* Guess who's back?

Woybff:Frick you.

Wander:Whoa, whoa, whoa. "Frick you"? This isn't the Woybff I know and love.

Sunil:And when she started hitting us with golf balls she was never the same.

Woybff:You took everything away. Even Senpais of my own. Now don't take any the woman, whose father has died.

Stellar:F*** you too. *beats up Wander* I wanna beat on your boyfriend because of how mean to you were the day before.

(Remember Your Smile by Enya plays)

Wander:*lays on the ground with a blood from his face*

Homestar:*cries in the closet*

Stellar:*runs after Sunil*

Woybff:*lays with Wander's body* *hugs Wander there the rest of the song* *cries*

(when the song ends)

Woybff:I'm a f***in' idiot.

Homestar:Can I come out?

Woybff:I don't know yet.

Sunil*returns with Stellar on his tail* *teleports to Sylvia and Sunil*

Stellar:*hits Woybff in the gut*



Woybff:I'm tried of this crap. *throws Stellar out of the window* *lays next to Wander's body*

Homestar:I'm coming out now. Oh crap.

The Senpai pt.3

(Book Of Days by Enya plays)

Homestar:*carries the bodies down stairs* *kisses Woybff on the head*

Cilan:I was gone only 30 mintues what happened?

Homestar:*cries* I don't know, sir. I was in the closet because Woybff told me to. Someone beat her and Wander up. Where is Sylvia and her boyfriend? I think it is her boyfriend.

Cilan:Yes it. He is Rainbow Strike. Sylvia had to take him to the hosptial she texted me.

Homestar:If she was back to see her daughter and best friend one last time.

Woybff:I'm not dead, Homestar. Stellar just punched me in the tummy too hard.

Homstar:What about Wander?

Cilan:He's still breathing.

Sylvia:*comes back*

Homestar:What's the white stuff in your hair?

Sylvia:Snow. Where are Wander and Woybff?

Wander:Here. *cries*

Wander:I never want to see her again. What did you do?

Woybff:I said "frick you".

Wander:You're lucky we won't tell Harue.

Woybff:I know.

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