The Extra Room

Derpy:*knocks on the door*

Cilan:Hello there.

Derpy:Hi Cilan.

Cilan:Do you wish to come back here?

Derpy:No thanks I'm good. *gives him a letter addressed to Woybff*

Cilan:I will give this too her. Have a nice morning.

Derpy:You too Cilan. *walks away*

Cilan:*walks to Woybff's room*

Woybff:*watches Homestar Runner* Bubs, you jerk.

Cilan:Here Woybff.

Woybff:*pauses video*Oh hi Cilan. *opens it* Holy crap.

Cilan:What happened?

Woybff:Moonbeam can't come home.

Cilan:She's dead.

Woybff:She became so mentally ill that she has to stay they for life. Why is that child so crazy.

Cilan:Well you gonna remember that kid was kidnapped by Barney. Least Wilt and Coco had the guts to save you.

Woybff:Yeah. So someone can move in Moonbeam's room?

Cilan:Well yeah.

Woybff:Oh I got some posters to make.

Cilan:No I'll make some flyers, you need your rest from school.

Woybff:Thank you, Cilan.

Cilan:*walks out*

Woybff:*plays video* Aw poor Homestar got bit by a rat.

(the next day)

Sylvia:Are we ready for the interviews for the room?


Wander:*walks in the room with Sylvia*

Sunil:Now you will pretend you have never met these people.

Woybff:What if it's Strong Bad?

Sunil:Well I guess you don't have to pretend. It's just things for job interviews.

Woybff:Oh. *walks into the room*

Sylvia:First person please come with in.

Woybff:Take off you your shoes!

Rainbow Strike:I ain't wearin' any.

Wander:Strike, what things would you do at the castle?

Strike:Rub Sylvia's feet.


Woybff:*face palm*


Wander:It's your turn to ask the next question, Sylvia.


Woybff:How would you treat people in this house?

Strike:I would kiss Sylvia every single day.


Wander:Alright, we'll let you know if you got the room.

Strike:*walks out*

Woybff:Next! Take off your shoes!

Peepers:*walks in*

Woybff:*fangirl screams*

Sylvia:It's just some feet.

Wander:*shows Woybff his feet*

Woybff:*screams even more* *kisses Wander's right foot*

Wander:*puts his legs back* *smiles at Sylvia*

Sylvia:Okay Peepers. Would you punch me if we lived together?


Wander:Would Hatie come over to play with me.

Woybff:No Wander's it's called hanging out. You can hear another names in the Homestar Runner cartoon Play Date.

Peepers:No he hates you.

Woybff:Would you rub my feet everyday?

Peepers:No. Where did you get that idea?

Sylvia:Rainbow Strike. *blushes again*

Peepers:*makes random Peepers noise*

Sylvia:*breathes* Are you doing this to steal are Christmas presents?

Peepers:No. I just need a place to crash for the night instead of Hater's ship. He's to scared to fall asleep.

Woybff:That just make some bedtime plan like in the Strong Bad email, Bedtime. You make up weird crap about him and Dominator.

Peepers:I'll take a look.

Wander:Final question, will you let us be your family.

Sylvia:Not that close, Wander.

Woybff:Uh...stranger danger!

Peepers:No. *walks out*

Woybff:Next! Take your shoes off!

Jubilee:Hi Woybff.

Woybff:I need a break. You all ask the questions. *walks*

Homestar:Hey Woybff.

Woybff:Hay is for horses.

Homestar:I don't know what horses eat. So is my interview coming to be soon?

Woybff:I hope so.

(10 minutes later)

Jubilee:*walks out* Bye Woybff.

Woybff:Bye. Come on, Homestar.

Homestar:Alright. *walks in with Woybff*

Woybff:*rushes to the table* So Homestar, what things would do at the castle?

Homestar:Oh be with you. Invite all my friends.

Sylvia:You hate anyone on this list? *passes a list of the people living in the castle*


Wander:What if something like that event with Stellar would happen?

Homestar:I would protect Woybff and others.

Woybff:Final question, Do you love me as a friend?

Homestar:Of course I do. What is it, day twenty-seven?

Woybff:Yee....*googles 4 X 7*ah.

Wander:We'll let you know if you get the room.

Homestar:Do I have to pay rent money?



Sylvia:We can make bank off Homestar.


Woybff:What the frick?

Homestar:Oh my crap. I dropped my hot pocket.

Woybff, Wander, Sylvia and Homestar:*rush to Sunil*

Barney:I'm going to eat you.


Homestar:Holy crap.

Woybff:*runs away*

Wander:Stop this, Barney.

Sylvia:Yeah weren't scared of you.

Homestar:I'll get Woybff. *runs to Woybff's room* *knocks* Woybff, it's HomestarRunnerdotcom. *waits a bit* I'm sorry Woybff. *opens the door*

Woybff:I can't do it. I can't fight with you, Wander and Sylvia.

Homestar:Remember when Sunil saved you from Barney when you and Wander were in that old house.

Woybff:Remember when Sunil ran away from Stellar, and she beat me and Wander up.

Homestar:Of course I did, I was in the closet. You can do it, Woybff. If Big Bird could do it than you can too.

Woybff:That wasn't Carol Spinney, Homestar. That was some college kid.

Homestar:Was it a girl?

Woybff:Probably not.

Homestar:Well you can be awesome in Strong Bad's eyes.

Woybff:I kinda am. *smiles*

Homestar:Did you kiss him?


Homestar:Okay, let's do this. Come on, Woybff. Believe in yourself.

Woybff:Your right, Homestar. *runs with him*

Homestar:*beats up Barney with Sylvia*

Wander and Woybff:*gets Sunil out of the pot*

(a hour later)

Woybff:I think we all know who gets the room.

Homestar:*blushes* Oh...

Woybff:Homestar will you live with us.


Woybff:Can I have a kiss.

Homestar:*kisses Woybff a little on the cheek*

Sylvia and Sunil:Aw.

Wander:*grows jealous* (thinks:She will see how much I mean to her in the next episode.)

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