The Love for Woybff

Wander:Good morning Woybff. *rushes with some McDonalds* I got just for you.

Woybff:Thank you, Wander.

Homestar:*pushes in a table cart* Woybff don't eat it. I got the all natural stuff for you. Cilan made it.


Homestar:Aren't a vegan Wander?

Wander:That's just a rumors spread by fans. What are you doing, Homestar?

Homestar:I'm saving the princess from death of a killer clown.

Wander:Oh Ronald McDonald didn't kill anyone.

Sunil:*walks in* Ronald McDonald murdered these kids because they liked Burger King more than McDonalds. Apollo was the only survivor.


Homestar:On this table is strawberry waffles and little cup of Greek yogurt. Which would you take?

Woybff:Your meal...


Harue:*gets the bag of McDonalds* Don't mind me, Wander.

Wander:Yeah you take that...

(jumps to a black background)

Wander:*sings* Once you were mine. Now another gentleman came and took you away. It's not fair. I had you first. You were mine and only mine. Of course that wasn't always the case. I would share you. Now I know your mine. It's been three years we have been with another. I want it to be four. Good old four years with you. You can't just run away to a new man because Mickey Mouse shot me in the back. I can still walk. I'm still alive in your heart. I want to live in your heart until you die. I wish you could hear my cries. I'm not jealous, I just want you back. I'm not sharing you with anyone that isn't smart like yourself. Please don't make this mistake.

(returns to Wander sitting on the sofa)

Wander:*walks upstairs*


Woybff:I'll take care of this. I will hurt them.

Wander:*walks in* Hurt who, Woybff?


Woybff:Wander, I want to hurt Hasbro. I think Homestar needs a minute.

Wander:*closes the door and listens*

Woybff:*hugs Homestar* I know what they did was a crime.

Homestar:It's not fair. They shouldn't of done that to Pinkie Pie.

Woybff:I know that. Well they'll pay the price when I-

Homestar:Build a wall?

Woybff:Say that Moose is my favorite toy company.

Homestar:What do they make?


Wander:Phew. *sweats*

Sunil:Holy crap! Holy crap!

Wander:Sunil what's wrong?

Sunil:Holy crap! Holy crap!

Strong Bad:Well someone from Woybff's pasts is coming.

Wander:*looks out the window* Oh grop. Sylvia!

Strong Bad:Sylvia is at he therapy session.

Wander:*runs into Woybff's room* You're bully from elementary is coming!

Woybff:What the crap..

Homestar:Come down, Buttercup.

Woybff:No Homestar, this is the person that pushed me around.

Sunil:She's carrying presents.

Strong Bad:There's probably a bomb inside.

Wander:I don't remember you coming it.

Strong Bad:When you black out, I was coming in to say hello. Sunil and I sat you on the couch.

Wander:What do we do?

Homestar:We should play Twenty One Piolts. *turns on the radio* *plays House of Gold*

Woybff:*calms down*

Wander:That was a good idea Homestar.

Strong Bad:Oh anything that's actually good will calm her.

Sunil:She's ringing the door bell. Holy crap. Holy crap.

Woybff:*runs into the wall* Die Woybff, you stupid dog!

Strong Bad:What the crap.

Woybff:*does it enough harder*


Homestar:*grabs on to her* Come on, sweetie, tell us why your upset.


Harue:What's going on!

Strong Bad:Mr.Stars, I believe some bully wants to give Woybff some Decemberween presents.

Harue:Let 'em in.

Wandeer:*opens the door*


Woybff:*hides behind the couch*

Sunil:So what's your name?

Person:Green Luna.

Wander:Wow you still have the middle name of Woybff.

Green:Where is she.


Strong Bad:*moans* I guess I'll go home and check my email.

Green:Are you gonna take off your gloves first?

Strong Bad:No. Stop talking to me like I'm dumb like Homestar.

Green:How do you type with gloves?

Strong Bad:I'm going to kill you.

Sunil:Oh Strong Bad just got triggered.

Woybff:Uh oh, who wants to die.

Wander:Don't say that.

Homestar:She can repeat that if she wants.

Green:Were are you, Woybff?

Woybff:*pops her head out* No thank you. You may leave. *draws frowny faces on her toes*

Strong Bad:Is that what it has to come to her?

Woybff:Push, push they all would say. All because I wasn't talk to anyone, for I was so shy and there wasn't a need. *cries*

Strong Bad:*takes presents* All are just ugly sweaters.

Sunil:Thank gosh.

Woybff:Go. You have caused to much pain. *cries*


Homestar:That doesn't explain why Woybff runs into the wall.


(flash back)

Wander:Let's study.

Woybff:I want to die.

(flash back over)

Wander:I need to make a phone call...

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