The 400th Episode

Woybff:Hi Wandie.

Wander:Good morning, Woybff. You see the roads are bad.

Woybff:Yes I know, Wander. I'm ill now.

Wander:How come?


Wander:That's awful. How was last night?

Woybff:Violet and Hasbro must be stopped.

Homestar:Hey guys.

Wander:Oh hi Homestar.

Woybff:Hey is for horses.

Wander:We probably can't get her back after.

Homestar:I know. Harue thinking about kicking me out.


Homestar:He thinks Wander is a better remodel.

Wander:Homestar, I'm never getting kick out of Woybff's castle. Right Woybff?

Woybff:No Wander.

Wander:Good. Now I can show all the good things about Homestar Runner to Harue.

Sunil:Don't worry, Homestar. Mr.Stars doesn't like me either, but that was just a running gag we had.

Homestar:Oh Sunil, Harue will like me.

Wander:Come on, Homestar.

Homestar:*follows Wander*

Wander:*knocks on his bedroom door*

Harue:Come in.

Wander:*opens the door* Hi Harue.

Harue:Hello Wander. Did you bring the blue rat?

Wander:*walks in with Homestar*Nah, I brought the Homestar Runner. I need to tell you why, Homestar is good for Woybff.

Harue:Sure Wander.

Wander:*sings* He maybe dumb but that's alright. She can love herself even greater than she would. No choices would be made as death anymore if he and his pals stick around. Think about it. It makes her laugh, it makes her smile. See what I could do I couldn't finish my job since Mickey shot me in the back. See the choices you could make? This can effect her life. The love for Homestar is as great as mine.

Homestar:*sings* And his show being a laughing stock was a lie.

Wander:*doesn't sing* What?

Homestar:Season 2.

Harue:I see. Let's ask Sunil if she should do this.

Wander:Sunil, get out here please!

Sunil:*teleports* What is needed?

Homestar:Tell us what is Woybff's future?

Sunil:*uses his powers* I see Woybff and Homestar dancing. I see Sylvia and Rainbow Strike kissing while Wander plays a Twenty One Pilot song on his banjo. I'm hanging out with Strong Bad and The Cheat. And Harue and Apollo are dancing on Violet grave.

Harue:Oh my ex-wife won't die, you stupid blue rat.

Woybff:*runs in with Apollo* *hugs Wander and Homestar*

Apollo:Violet is dead.

(later that night)

Homestar and Woybff:*dancing*

Sylvia:*kisses Rainbow Strike under the mistletoe*

Sunil and Strong Bad:*burning the new Hasbro game, Speak Out*

Apollo and Harue:*dances on Violet's grave*

Cilan:*sitting in the kitchen* *smiles* This is fine.

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