The True Friend

Sunil:*on the phone* It's just you're my friend. Did I hurt you? *hangs up* *carries a bucket*

Woybff:Where are you going Sunil?

Sunil:I'm giving Strong Bad a bucket to repair are friendship.


(an hour later)

Sunil:*knocks on the door*

The Cheat:*opens it*

Sunil:I have a gift for Strong Bad.

The Cheat:*lets him in* *takes him to Strong Bad*

Strong Bad:*watching Yo Gabba Gabba* (thinks) This show is pure crack. Why did Matt and Mike work on it. Nevertheless why did Craig work on it?

Sunil:Strong Bad...why are you watching this?

Strong Bad:I want to see why Mike and Matt were working on it. Anywho what's that.

Sunil:Strong Bad be my friend again. I'm sorry I am friends with Homestar. Take this bucket.

Strong Bad:*laughs* I'm still your friend. I'm not like the princess Sunil.

The Cheat:*laughs*

Strong Bad:Why do you have that bucket?

Sunil:Oh I was watching a YouTube video with Woybff.

Strong Bad:Well were you watching little kid shows?

Sunil:It was the worst child shows.

Strong Bad:I see.

Sunil:A good child show is LazyTown.

Strong Bad:What? How?

Sunil:It's a meme.

Someone:*knocks on the door*

The Cheat:*walks to the door* *opens it* *screams* *shuts the door* *runs behind Strong Bad*

Sunil:I'll check what it is. *walks to the door* *opens it* Oh crap!

Mystery person:I have Pixos.

Strong Bad:*walks to the door* What are Pixos?

Sunil:There are Aquadots but rebranded.

Strong Bad:What are they?

Mystery person:There are like candy.

Sunil:That's a lie. Strong Bad, they're drugs. When Wander had them back in episode 70. It was a dark day. Wander was in a coma where Lord Hater loved him. *turns to the dealer* You must be Tico. *rips off outfit that covers the person's face* *gasps*

Barney:I love you Strong Bad. Please eat this.

Strong Bad:*gets the jibblies*

Sunil:So was it you that give Wander pixos too?

Barney:Yeah. I just put his name on it instead to throw you guys off.

The Cheat:*cries* *hides behind Strong Bad*

Sunil:*hits Barney in the gut*

Barney:*throws Pixos in his mouth*

Sunil:They still taste like nothing. *lays on the ground*

Strong Bad:*calms down* Sunil! *runs to him* Are you okay?

Sunil:No. Save me or I may a coma about Homestar and Woybff speaking German!

The Cheat:*walks over*

Strong Bad:Well we can't have that. The Cheat go get the medicine that makes you barf. I'll take care of Barney.

The Cheat:(Be careful.)

Strong Bad:Don't worry I'll whoop his...well you know butt.

The Cheat:*walks inside*

Strong Bad:I can't believe you would do this to Sunil or anyone but Homestar or Strong Sad.

Barney:Oh yeah.

Strong Bad:Yeah. *beats up Barney*

(In Sunil's coma)

Homestar:*sings Wake Up in German the Pixel's parts*

Woybff:*sings Wake Up in Stephanie's parts*


Homestar and Woybff:*kisses*

Wander:You mother father!

Homestar:*singsWe Are Number One in german*

Strong Bad:*looks back at Sunil* Poor guy. *punches Barney in the mouth* You mother father!

The Cheat:*comes back with the medicine*

Strong Bad:*looks at Sunil* *tries to lift up Barney* *throws him down a hill* *runs to Sunil* I got this The Cheat. *gives Sunil the medicine*

Sunil:*throws up*

Strong Bad:What was your coma about?

Sunil:Homestar and Woybff are singing LazyTown songs in German.

Strong Bad:I am sorry.


Sunil:*teleports him to jail with a note*

Strong Bad:Thank you, Sunil.

Sunil:No problem, Strong Bad. You're probably a true friend.

Strong Bad:Yeah...

Sunil:*starts singing Wake Up in German*

Strong Bad and The Cheat:*start waking away*

Strong Bad:Is that theory true?

The Cheat:*shrugs*

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