The Knockoff

Wander:Homestar, get off that DSI.

Homestar:Woybff wanted me on her DSI, she wanted me to see her photos. I think she locked her SD card.

Wander:Well you'll get to learn about that 'cause the more you know, the more you grow.



Zim:I just came here to pick up some eggs. I need to show you something Wander. Homestar, you stay here. It's for your own freakin' good.


Wander:*walks to the computer with Zim*Oh she probably found a really bad recall.

Zim:Wander, you theory is bad.

Wander:*makes it with Zim* What did you find. *looks at the R34* *faints*

Zim:See Wander. You lie 'cause there is R34. How do you feel, Woybff?

Woybff:I need brainwashing. I blocked and reported them.

Zim:Good for you. I don't know any brainwashing.

Woybff:I do. I just need Homestar out of this castle. But how, Zim?

Zim:I don't know.


Cilan:Yes, Woybff.

Woybff:Take Homestar out for a few hours.

Cilan:Please don't tell me you need help viewing-

Woybff:No. I need brainwashing.

Cilan:I see. Homestar can't know about the knockoff Baby Einstein videos.

Woybff:Thank you Cilan.

(15 minutes later)

Wander:What happened?

Woybff:I have to watch Baby Genius.

Wander:What is that?

Woybff:You have to watch this too because of your lies.

Wander:I don't lie.

Woybff:How do explain what you say. I don't grow, I cry knocking people have images of you getting high.


Woybff:*types up Wander* Time for the brainwashing!

Wander:What the?

Woybff:*plays video*

Wander:Holy grop a flying music note!

Woybff:You know it has to be done.

Wander:Do you do the same thing with HR?

Woybff:No that fangirling is real.

Wander:*screams* Is that DJ guy!

Woybff:Yeah....I'm sorry.

Wander:This can't be good...*screams*

Woybff:I regret everything.

Wander:It's getting worse.

Woybff:I can sing better than that, but my throat hurts. No screw you, I'm coming.

Wander:We should.

Woybff:We should not. Listen to my cries of pain. This would be better if it was a cartoon in 2-D than CGI.


Woybff:That monkey is so creepy. I just want it to die.

Wander:The world would be a better place.

Woybff:We wouldn't sing with you.

Wander:And that's just a opinion.

Woybff:That's a lie. We need to steal all the music, so he is powerless. I'm coming with you.

Wander:It is happy.

Woybff:To you it might. That makes me feel better about myself that he weights 5,000 pounds.

Wander:It's also over. Yes!

Woybff:We're all gonna die. If only there was some true way to forgot. *looks at Homestar Runner playlist* Oh I see a gateway to freedom.

Wander:Really? That video's like a hour long.

Woybff:I know.

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