Carol of the Tells pt.1

Sylvia:*gets Woybff into a red dress*

Woybff:Do you think people will like I'm wearing read instead of orange.

Sylvia:I told you. Your family would love you if you didn't love Wander as much.


Sylvia:*puts on her crown* Hey that lavender star is gone.


Sylvia:*shrugs* Are you really to go to church? It will just be you and Apollo this year. Moonbeam maybe dead.


Apollo and Woybff:*walk into Violet's ship*

Sylvia:Bye Woybff.

Homestar:*runs by the door* Goodbye my sweet.

Violet:*drives away*

Sylvia and Homestar:*get back inside*

Sylvia:Alright are all ready to wrap presents?

Wander:Of course, Syl.

Homestar:I'll try my best. Where's Sunil?

Sylvia:Oh he's at Strong Bad's place. Remember?

Sunil:Merry Decemberween. *hands him the gift*

Strong Bad:If this is a picture of Homestar, I'm gonna a hit you with it. *opens it* Well I wasn't expecting a Nerf gun.

Sunil:Just in-case Barney comes back. Hasbro knows his weaknesses. I think Mattel stole it and Bob the Builder from them. Before Woybff saw Homestar Runner, her favorite anime was Bob the Builder.

Strong Bad:Neither of those are anime, Sun-bro. Happy Decemberween. *gives his present to Sunil*

Sunil:*opens it* It's a picture of you and the rest of the gang. I love it Strong Bad. Thank you.

Strong Bad:No problem, Sunil.

Sunil:I got a little something for The Cheat. *gives a little person to The Cheat*

The Cheat:*opens it*

Strong Bad:Aw little mittens.

Sunil:I should get back the castle I have to help wrap presents so Wander and Homestar don't get in a fight.

Strong Bad:Please stay a little while later.

Sunil:Alright. Just because it's Decemberween Eve.

Wander:You took Woybff away from me!

Homestar:No I didn't.

Sylvia:Stop! Wander, you need some help buddy?

Wander:No I don't.

Sylvia:Your being that bald child that caused many children to throw fits. So stop or we'll get many letters from angry parents saying, "My little Mike is throwing blocks on his younger brother, Matt. All because I couldn't buy him more blocks. Why? They were made in China."


Wander:No I am not!

Homestar:But Wander, the circus is tomorrow.

Wander:No, I want it to be today! *laughs*


Sylvia:*laughs* Well I don't there is anything else to learn from that boy expect throw a fit.

Carol of Tells pt.2

Woybff and Apollo:*walk out of church with Violet*

Woybff:I can't wait to go to Grandma Mary's house.

Violet:Well get in the ship now.


Woybff:*looks out of the window* *thinks about Homestar*

(Flash back)

Woybff:*giving Homestar a cupcake*

Homestar:*tries to eat it* *fails on the ground* Darn it.

Woybff:*gives him a cookie*

Homestar:Aw. Now this won't fall on the ground because it is equally balance.

Woybff:That's right. Did your dumbness get rebooted?


Woybff:I guess it. *nose kisses Homestar*

Wander:*cries in the distance*

(flash back over)

Woybff:*feels a power glow* Mom, can you hurry.

(glow on is released)

Violet:Number one or number two?

Woybff:Nevermind it was just my crown. I think. *takes off crown* Holy crap there's a whtie star in there.

Violet:Must be for Homestar.

Woybff:Yeah Homestar.


Woybff:Wake up Homestar.

Homestar:Good morning.

Wander:Why do you wake Homestar up?

Woybff:He can't set his alarm right. You should be glad you're at least smart.

Homestar:Yeah don't have a cow, man.

Wander:*walks away*



Homestar:Is that cold that bad?

Woybff:Yes. I could sleep last night.

Homestar:I'm sorry. I love you. I wish I knew how to cook you some soup, but I don't want to burn your castle down.

Woybff:*hugs Homestar*

Wander:*walks downstairs* *calls someone* Do you think they were made for each other? Okay I thought you would know. Have a Merry Christmas.

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