The Shipping War

Woybff:*walks outside her castle* Hi crowds, this is your princess. I need to get through to pick up a cake for Joey. It's his birthday.

Little Blue Kacheek:*walks to Woybff in a Wander shirt* Princess, will you marry Wander?


Coach Z:*pushes Kacheek* No marry, Homestar Runner. It's a terrific athlete.

Woybff:I'm not that old. Uh...I can't I just get the cake?

Peepers:Screw you all. Woybff X Peepers is so such better!

Angry mods:*chase Peepers*

Peepers:There you go, sweetie.

Woybff:*runs to the store* *runs out of breathe*

Sunil:I knew you would run out of breath. So I got the cake first. Also what's with the deal with those shippers.


Sunil:Let's go back to the castle and straighten this out. *teleports with Woybff to the castle*

Wander:Hi, Woybff it's shipping war. Both teams are fighting Peepers for some reason.

Homestar:I'm gonna win 'cause my fans have been around since 2000 or something like that.

Woybff:*whispers something to Sunil*

Sunil:Oh yes sweetie.

Strong Bad:I'm here 'cause I was bored.

Sunil:Hello Strong Bad. Do you want to burn more Barbie dolls with me?

Strong Bad:I'm done doing that.

Sunil:How about we burn this dog instead.

Laugh and Learn Puppy:I see you.

Strong Bad:Ah! Did that thing go off on it's own.

Sunil:Yeah it should of been recalled.

Strong Bad:Okay we need to burn this and The Emoji movie.

Sunil:Do you want to join us?

Woybff:When you burn The Emoji movie. The plot feels like the characters are trying to cure Autism.

Strong Bad:And you care because?

Homestar:Strong Bad, Woybff's autistic.

Wander:Yes. Didn't you inform him Sunil?

Sunil:It's not my job to go around Free Country USA and tell everyone that Woybff's autistic.

Strong Bad:Oh. But you seen so normal.

Woybff:That's okay, Strong Bad.

Strong Bad:Well it could be worse. You could be dumb with Homestar with a cure.

Woybff:And that's why Autism Speaks sucks and The Emoji movie should be burned.

Sunil:We'll see you later Woybff. Strong Bad and I are going to burn this. *walks with Strong Bad in the back yard*

Someone:*knocks on the door*

Homestar:*opens it*

Coach Z:Don't just stand there, kiss her.

Homestar:Coach Z, your drunk go home. *closes door*

Woybff:Is he really drunk?

Homestar:I don't know. It's acting weirder than normal.

Woybff:Yeah. *remembers Coach Sliverswirl* *cries*

Homestar:What's wrong?

Woybff:I miss Coach Sliverswirl.

Wander:We'll I get her while Homestar stays.

Homestar:No I'll go get her while you stay with Woybff.

Sylvia:I'll go get her. It's not big flarpin' deal. *walks outside with a broom*

Coach Z:*hugs Sylvia's butt* *hits him with the broom* Get off.

Wanbff crowd:*pushes Sylvia out*

Little Blue Kacheek:Go for the gold, Sylvia. Do it for Wanbff.

Sylvia:Thank you. I will.

Wander:Your coach is so weird.

Homestar:Mike made him like that.

Strong Bad:I came as soon Sunil told me Coach Z did something weird again. What did he do?

Homestar:Hug Sylvia's...

Strong Bad:I think I cam assume what your going to say, Homestar. *walks back to the back yard*

Woybff:Who did you think is winning?

Wander and Homestar:My team. We are number one.

Sylvia:*comes back with Coach Sliverswirl*

Sliverswirl:What is happening?

Woybff:They are having a shipping fight.

Sliverswirl:How does someone win it?

Woybff:I think I need to pick Homestar or Wander.

Sliverswirl:Who do you pick?

Woybff:I don't know. I'm not ready to make that choice. Wander is so cute. Homestar is charming in his own way. I just don't know yet.

Sliverswirl:Okay. What if I picked?

Woybff:*shrugs* I guess I'll tell them. *opens door* Hey everyone, Coach Sliverswirl is gonna pick the ship.

Coach Z:No, you need to pick it.

Woybff:If I pick, the other side will murder me.

Coach Z:Fair point.

Woybff:Okay Coach, I have these booklets to help you make a education decision. Good luck. *walks away*

Homestar:Pick me.

Coach Sliverswirl:Well you wanted some lead candy in a Halloween special.

Homestar:Doesn't she forgive me?

Coach Sliverswirl:Are you sorry?

Homestar:Of course, I feel so bad about it.

Coach Sliverswirl:Then she forgives you because she loves you.

Homestar:Okay. I'll ask her. *walks away*

Wander:No, pick me.

Coach Sliverswirl:You broke her heart more than Homestar by 2 times.

Woybff:*on Google+ on the computer*

Strong Bad:I like your post about me. *points in the corner*

Woybff:Yet I hate Undertale.

Strong Bad:At least you believe I'm stronger than him. I won't want be any friend of his. Sunil is better than that guy. I bet Sans is a butt.

Woybff:True. One version of myself got betrayed by him. So when I got this news my army of Watch Cats took him down. They are basically Care Bears but fighting cats instead.

Gold:I am here to help you, Woybff.

Woybff:This is Gold, Strong Bad.

Gold:I think Sliverswirl is going to pick the winning ship.


Sliverswirl:I wrote the person in the paper.

Woybff:Who wants to say who won?

Sunil:I will do it, gladly.

Sliverswirl:*gives Sunil the paper*

Sunil:The winner is...*opens paper* Woystar.

Coach Z:Yes, we won!

Little Blue Kacheek:*cries*

Laruen:It's okay. We tried. We can still burn Sony. They will pay what they did to me. Also I see your father.

Little Blue Kacheek:*hugs Lauren*

Homestar:Why did you pick me?

Sliverswirl:Easy, you don't have other fangirls on your back. I thought this would be better for Woybff's sake. Also you relate to her because of Coach Z and I.

Woybff:Don't worry, she got my name wrong too.

Sliverswirl:No, I didn't.

Woybff:Yeah you called me, Stellar triggers me.

Sliverswirl:Oh yeah, I remember that.

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