The Three Years Ago

Sunil:Now were gonna melt your face Barbie. What do you have to say about? *Barbie voice* I love Ken. *normal* Well Ken is a stalker, so that's why you should die. *throws Barbie in the fire*

Strong Bad:*laughs* Yeah, have fun learning the hard way.

Sunil:Okay who should do now? Chelsea or this teenage with a bun in the oven?

Strong Bad:They made that?

Sunil:Hard to believe, I know. Mattel is probably more stupid than Homestar.

Strong Bad:With all these recalls compared to Hasbro it is mostly fact.


Woybff:Sunil. *tears up* I'm scared you will run away again.

Sunil:Why would I run away?


Sunil:Woybff it's been three years get over it!

Woybff:That one time with Homestar-

Sunil:I don't care.

Woybff:*runs into the house crying*

Strong Bad:If you were trying to make me laugh you have failed.

Sunil:I'm tried of her talking about that b**** . Heck probably everyone.

Strong Bad:I don't know anything about this.

Sunil:This is a children's book Woybff wrote. I think it was because she was bored one day. *gives Strong Bad the book*

Strong Bad:Woybff and the Biggest Bully.

Sunil:It's a metaphor.

Strong Bad:Let's go find Homestar.

Sunil:Yes because your voice is awesome than we need an audience. *walks inside with Strong Bad*

Strong Bad:Hey Homestar, what to hear me read is book to you?

Homestar:Okay I don't see why not.

Strong Bad:*takes a sit*

Sunil:Maybe we need more people.

Strong Bad:Homestar is enough, Sunil.

Sunil:We need my idiot too. *gets Vinnie*

Vinnie:*sits down*

Strong Bad:Okay Sunil. I think I would like to get this over with.


Strong Bad:Woybff and the Biggest Bully by Woybff L. Stars. *opens book* My name is Woybff. I use to be a happy and kind person until middle school hit. *turns page* I had a nice teacher, Miss Fluttershy. She was kind to everyone in the school. Even the antagonist. *turns page* I also had great classmates, regretting the antagonist. Sunil was my best friend. Zoe was a great singer. Minka was a grand painter. Vinnie is a questionable dancer. Pennyling was a talented and kind-hearted dancer. Buttercup was in love with sweets. Pepper tried her best at jokes. And Russell was like a leader to all of us.

Vinnie:Why don't I sound cool like everyone else?

Strong Bad:Maybe because she knew the least. *turns page* Also there was Coach Sliverswirl. I was her favorite because I worked hard. *turns page* Now you get to hear the awful tale of this story. Now ask yourself and/or audience if they are ready to see the biggest bully. *not from the text* Who's ready?

Homestar:I don't know.

Sunil:Homestar you saw Stellar in the past.

Homestar:Okay I'm ready.

Strong Bad:*turns page* Here she is. Yes, she. Even girls can be bullies. I won't think anything wrong of you if thought this was a boy. It want I would expect. *turns page* I thought she was my best friend. I asked her if I could play a game with her. Oh her decline made me upset. At least Zoe, Pepper, and Pennyling offered. Unlike her I played with them. *turns page* Later she started firing everything at me. "Holy crap," I thought,"What is wrong with me? Why doesn't Stellar want to be my friend?" Later that day I watched some Wander Over Yonder and forgot about it.

Homestar:*cries* That's so sad. You can do it Woybff, you can stand up to that bully.

Sunil:It's just a story.

Homestar:How can you stay that, you were there.

Strong Bad:Homestar, maybe if I read the rest of the story it would be the end sooner.

Homestar:Okay Strong Bad.

Strong Bad:*turns page* It didn't end there. About two times she would use this would to describe me. B-A-D that spells bad. It was awful to feel like I was a bad person. What was there to do? All I did was wanted to help and get away from her because she is the fear, and I am just a young girl that wants friends.

Homestar:*cries* I there. The poor girl. It's not fair. I want to punch Stellar in the punch.

Strong Bad:*moans* *turns page* Once I helped her and she called me stupid. Another time she was annoyed with me. Is Wander a bad person to look up to because he helps everyone. Parents was beg for that kinda guy. Later in that November I felt bad. I didn't like to think I was a stupid person. I never repeat a grade. I don't know what do. *turns page* So I thought I could solve my problem like everyone else. But I almost dead until I remembered Wander.

Sunil:That was when she wanted to kill herself.

Strong Bad:Really?

Sunil:Well did someone ever hate you so bad?

Strong Bad:Probably. *turns the page* It didn't matter because the world was such a jerk. I found about the Mattel recall of 2007, but that is for another day. Stellar called me a freak. I cried as I ran. The other people laughed. Stellar must of thought she was a great person. *turns page* Not anymore because Sunil yelled in their faces. *turns page* Now it's been three years and Wander Over Yonder has been canceled. I don't even know if my life will get better. I need to go. *runs into the bathroom*

Homestar:You think Strong Bad's crying?

Sunil:Of course not. He's a tough guy.

Strong Bad:*cries* *walks to Woybff's room* Woybff?

Woybff:Strong Bad?

Strong Bad:*hugs her* I never want you to die ever again.

Woybff:Do you know how that book really ends?

Strong Bad:Yes.

Woybff:On November 13th, 2016 I was bored with nothing to watch. I got the idea to watch Homestar Runner. That was the best choice I ever made in my life.

Strong Bad:And that was the best choice ever girl.

Woybff:*hugs back*

Wander:Oh great another.

Strong Bad:Hey I'm upset that she almost dead.

Woybff:And I'll never do it again because you and others make my life complete.

Strong Bad:Yes, please never do it again. I love you. Stellar can eat lead.

Woybff:Is that what happened to Homestar?

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