The New Blurryface


Homestar:*opens* Oh hello I am the-

Andy:*drags Homestar to the camera*

Homestar:What are you doing?

Andy:We just need to do this for are news station.

G3 Pinkie Pie:*starts rolling*

Andy:This is Homestar Runner. The new face, here at Woybff's castle. Homestar do you have a few words to say?

Homestar:Well...I'm happy to be here with Woybff. Sometimes even Strong Bad would come over to hang out with Sunil. This a nice place here. We have a cook and everything. We even got a indoor pool now. It was in the works when I came for my interview to live in this castle.

Andy:That's wonderful. Anything else?

Homestar:Nope I'm fine.

Andy:See ya later.

Homestar:Bye. *walks back in*

Andy and G3 Pinkie Pie:*leave*

Star:Wasn't that great Midnight? We saw the Homestar Runner for the first time ever.

Midnight:I won't call it that great.

Star:I was named after him.

Midnight:Dad never said that.

Star:Of course he did. Before I met you. Can we go into the castle?

Midnight:I don't know.

Barbie:*walks them* Homestar will never love you because your not skinny like Marzipan.

Midnight:That's bullcrap. He loves the princess.

Barbie:He's just cheating.

Star:Yeah this has nothing to do with me.

Barbie:*grads on Star's tail*

Midnight:*kicks her* Let my sister down!

Barbie:He won't love you because you are a ugly rat thing. *throws her on the ground*

Midnight:*runs to her* Star? *picks her up*

Barbie:*steps on Midnight and walks away*

Homestar:*looks outside* Your right, Woybff. The castle is endanger of some skinny women.

Woybff:Is she black?

Homestar:No it's Barbie.

Woybff:*moarns* Sylvia that's your cue.

Sylvia:*walks out*

Midnight:Is that the best you got for my sis?

Star:Midnight, that's over-the-top.

Sylvia:I got this from here. *punches Barbie*

Barbie:Kill yourself, Star. *runs away*

Star:Who is Barbie, and why does she want me die?

Sylvia:Wikipedia can help your needs. I'm sure Woybff can help you answer that question.

Star:You mean, we're going to into the castle?



Midnight:She adores The Homestar Runner.

Sylvia:Well you'll met him too. *carries them in her hands* Do you guys need any first aid?

Star:Midnight might.

Midnight:I'm fine.

Sylvia:Okay just let me know. *opens the door* *walks to Woybff* Woybff can you do a Wikipedia search for Barbie.

Woybff:*gets on Wikipedia* *searchs Barbie* Which one?

Sylvia:Film series?

Star:She's in movies and a show?

Sylvia:Hey you have a popluar computer game, and she doesn't kid.

Midnight:Doesn't that make you feel better?


Woybff:RIP Maxie's World. Oh sec, Sylvia. *google seacrhes Maxie's world* Well I can see why Hasbro canned this.

(bullet is shot by the castle)

Sylvia:*puts the Kacheeks down* *goes to cheek the area*

Woybff:I can't find anything sweeties. I'm sorry I am dealing with my problems. Am I eight?

Star:You don't look eight.

Midnight:The enemy must not know you are autistic.

Woybff:They won't give a crap. Where's your best little cat friend when you need her.

Star:*cries* I hate Mattel.

Woybff:Everyone here does. If you got hurted by a Mattel toy we sue.

Star:Do feelings count?

Woybff:They totally do. Let's call up Mattel because I'm going to sue them. You can go look for Homestar, sweeites. *calls Mattel* *gets a piece of metal in her foot*

Sunil:Oh they must be using those air bags.


Homestar:*runs to them*

Star:*starts crying*

Midnight:Why are you crying?

Star:What Barbie said. I should stop now.

Homestar:No you can talk to me, kid. *sits on the couch* Why are you upset?

Star:Barbie told me that you never love me 'cause I wasn't skinny like the only girl in your whole town, and she called me a ugly rat thing.

Homestar:That's awful. *kisses Star on the forehead* Bullying is a bad thing. Guys I need to speak with the enemy trying to hurt the princess. Please wait here. *walks outside* *walks back inside* We need Strong Bad. 

Sunil:*calls him*

Strong Bad:Where is this bully?


Strong Bad:*walks outside with a knife*

Star:What's he doing?

Homestar:I wish I knew.

Strong Bad:*walks out* We'll never see them again as long as I'm here.

Woybff:Can you say are my number one knight?

Sunil:But I'm your number one knight and commander of the Watch Cats because of Wander's lies.

Strong Bad:Maybe I can be your bodyground instead.

Woybff:That will work.

Star:*hugs Homestar*

Strong Bad:*picks up Midnight* Maybe check out one of my emails sometime.


(Don't miss out on The Kacheek Gang. Coming to Woybff's YouTube channel:Woybff Stars.)

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