The Dance pt.1

Woybff:*trying on her new dress* This will look lovely for the dance.

Stars:Yeah I'm gonna take Jacob. Are you going to take Wander?

Woybff:No I'm taking someone else.

Stars:*gasps* You're talking someone else, but Wanbff is like an OTP of mine.

Woybff:Oh you missed that whole shipping war.


Jubilee:*walks in* Are you girls ready.


Rainbow Strike:*in a suit and tie walks in* Why did Woybff faint. *looks at Jubilee's dress* You know Autism Speaks is bad?


Sylvia:*walks* You are wearing a new dress.

Stars:Woybff's dresses aren't going to fit her.


Stars:Are you going, Sylvia?

Sylvia:Yeah Rainbow Strike wanted me too.

Sunil:I'm not going.

Stars:Why not?

Sunil:Oh none of the girls wanted to go with Russell or Vinnie. Both Pepper and Zoe asked me but I turned them down. I'm gonna chill here with them, Wander and Strong Bad. We're gonna watch The Bee Movie.

Jubilee:So she's not going with Strong Bad, who is she?

Sylvia:*smiles* He's coming.


Sylvia:Dumber than Peepers.

Jubilee:It's Hater.

Rainbow Strike:I don't think she would ask him.


Homestar:*runs stairs* Blue dog, blue dog.

Sylvia:You're not suppose know that joke.

Homestar:Woybff told me. She told me so I keep Marzipan away from this event. *walks to Woybff* Oh no she faint. *looks at Jubilee* You know they almost took me a way too. *kisses Woybff*

Woybff:*gets up* Is it the end?

Homestar:It's just day 50 my sweetie pea. Your date with The Homestar Runner is this night. *helps Woybff up* And you and I were gonna the best night of our lives.


Sylvia:Let's get in the space ship.

Homestar:Don't worry Woybff, I gonna carry you to the ship.

Stars:Do you have powers?

Homestar:I don't know.

The Dance pt.2

All:*walk in*

Woybff:Whoa I never thought this would be good.

Homestar:That's probably what Strong Bad is saying right now.

Sylvia:You all can go where you want.

All but Sylvia:*walk away*

Sylvia:Execpt you. *grads on to Rainbow Strike*

Rainbow Strike:*kisses Sylvia*

Homestar:Hey Woybff.

Woybff:Hay is for horses.

Homestar:Don't give me none of that crap tonight. This is our time to shine. Now let's get some punch.

Priscilla Lex:*kisses her boyfriend*

Woybff and Homestar:*makes it there*

Woybff:*pours some out for Homestar but is shakie*

Homestar:Are you okay, Woybff?

Woybff:I don't know. *hands Homestar the punch* *gets her own* Homestar we need to walk away.

Priscilla Lex:Hi Woybff.

Woybff:Priscilla Lex, I hate to inform you that your theory that we are friends is false. *runs behind Homestar*

Priscilla Lex:*laughs*

Homestar:Don't laugh at her. She's just little frighten is all. Are you lazy person in her PE class?

Priscilla Lex:Uh...

Homestar:Sunil was always tell me when Woybff gets home, she question if she was a doin' good in PE or if you are just bein' lazy. Which is it?

Priscilla Lex:I don't know.

Homestar:I think you do know. Which is it?

Woybff:Don't say that Homie.

Priscilla Lex:Woybff you do like me.

Sylvia:*walks to Lex* No she had that problem two years ago. *walks away*

Priscilla Lex:*laughs*

Homestar:*whisper to Woybff* Should we tell her.

Woybff:*whispers back* Strike told me it was a bad idea. *drinks a little bit punch*'

Homestar:Do you watch to dance?

Woybff:After we are done.

Priscilla Lex:Can I dance with you Woybff?

Woybff:Are you bi?

Priscilla Lex:*shrugs*

Homestar:I would watch it if I were you. Woybff looks how to fight back.

Priscilla Lex:*hugs Woybff*

Woybff:Blue dog, blue dog!

Sylvia:*runs to Woybff* Get off her before I get a teacher or something.

Priscilla:She likes it.

Homestar:No she doesn't. *going to kick her*

Woybff:I don't want you to get in trouble Homestar.

*plays Time After Time*

Homestar:That's a song. *pulls Woybff out of Lexi's arms* *runs to the center*

Woybff:*grads her arms on Homestar's back* *moves her feet*

Homestar:*moves his feet* Yet I don't know how to dance.

Woybff:This would be better if you have arms. Just saying.

Sylvia:Aw this is so cute. *takes pictures*


Zoe:That's amazing.

Pepper:I was that was Sunil and I but it's cool like that.

Minka:I ship Woystar. I been shipping it since 2013.

Pennyling:*cries* I should asked Vinnie out.

Woybff:*grads Homestar* *spins with Homestar in the air in her hands*

  • song ends*

The Dance pt.3

Woybff:*puts Homestar down*

Homestar:That was awesome Woybff, but I have to pee. I'll be right back.

Woybff:See ya Homie.

Priscilla Lex:Why can you love someone that dumb?

Woybff:I don't know why I love him. It's just something I don't understand, like how I-(was going to say something about her Autism) can't understand other things about myself.

Priscilla Lex:*looks at Jubliee's dress* *laughs* People with Autism suck.

Woybff:Should I say it now?

Strike:Yes is this a perfect time.

Woybff:Priscilla Lex, I'm autistic and you like me.

Priscilla Lex:But your so normal.

(the room turns black)

Woybff:Holy crap.

Homestar:*tries to open the door to the gym* Woybff it's lock out here!


(the ghost of Dr.Syan Ivy is here)

Dr.Ivy:Hello everyone. I am Dr.Syan Ivy and I love the Emoji Movie and Autism Speaks.

Rainbow Strike:*faints*

Dr.Ivy:I am here for Woybff Stars.

Woybff:I am sorry.

Dr.Ivy:Why did you fallen in love with a idiot?

Woybff:I just did.

Dr.Ivy:You have failed me, young lady.

Homestar:*walks in* Thanks janitor guy that likes The New Day. *runs to Woybff* I'm that idiot she feel in love with.

Dr.Ivy:I see. Kill him Woybff.

Woybff:I'm murdering him or anyone made by the same people unless it was Dooble or CGI pals.

Sylvia:You have to stop before you ruin everything like with Inside Out.

Jubilee:Is she the reason Woybff hates that movie.

Stars:I think so.

Dr.Ivy:*laughs at her*

Woybff:*hugs Homestar and cries*

Homestar:*closes his eyes* What a crappy date. *turns to Dr.Ivy and opens his eyes* You made a first date a mess. I'm calling my fathers if you don't go away.

Dr.Ivy:I had no idea your fathers-

Woybff:No two people created Homestar, and Mike's brother does most of the voices.

Homestar:Thank you, Woybff.

Dr.Ivy:I'm not moving.

Homestar:*calls the Champs* Oh crap they aren't home.

Lord Hater:*walks in* I'm the founder of this school.

Minka:It's Mr.Not Hater.

Pepper:It's just Hater.

Hater:Leave these love birds alone.

Dr.Ivy:Aren't you bad?

Hater:I know how it feels to fallen in love.

Dr.Ivy:Come at me.


Coach Z:Can I have your number?

Dr.Ivy:*runs away*

Homestar:Yay Coach Z saves the day.

Rainbow Strike:What happened?

Sylvia:Coach Z saved the day.

Homestar:Thanks Coach.

Coach Z:No problem Homestar.

Woybff:What a great night.

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