Go in the name of Love

Jubilee:*walks into Woybff's castle while she and Rainbow Strike are talking* So what are you guys talking about?

Rainbow Strike:Sylvia, who else?

Woybff:I need to teach her the true art of singing.

Rainbow Strike:Why you?

Woybff:I got a award from it.

Rainbow Strike:True.


Woybff:You know Wandie watched me grew up to be this awful monster I am today.

Jubilee:Your not a monster, but can I see have Wandie.

Woybff:*gets triggered*

Rainbow Strike:Maybe Wander should choose. There's this awesome game show that will do just that.

Jubilee:What do you mean?

Rainbow Strike:You never heard of song. It's basically a pun. Go in the name of Love is the name of it.

Jubilee:What do you say Woybff?


Rainbow Strike:We need four more girls, and two guys.

Woybff:I can find some in time when does the next show come on?

Rainbow Strike:Few hours. Andy told me he needed someone because the party canceled. I think it was because they all when to a buffet and got food poisoning.

Woybff:I got it. *looks around*

Jubilee:Can gay people come on the show?

Rainbow Strike:Some people just take the woman booths just because, but yes their have been bi people. That's how Andy learned about the crazy Tumblr. He's not a supporter, he just watches it all happen and doesn't give a crap.

Jubilee:Good for him.

Rainbow Strike:You would be the first asexual person on the show.


(Few hours later)

Andy:Hello and welcome to Go in the name of Love. Today this we these two men asking the questions. There names are Wander and Homestar Runner. So guys they are you guys on this show?

Wander:Two girls are fighting over me.

Homestar:One of the girl that is fighting over him is better than my girlfriend or soon to be ex-girlfriend, Marzipan.

Andy:Alright we will bring your attention to the three girls and one boy behind the curtain. Each girl dreams of having their hands on your....buzzer.

Homestar:Hooray! Spin my buzzer, Andy.

Andy:*spins it* The boy behind one of the curtains is a joke.

Wander:Did we need two other boys?

Andy:No the other two will just go home heartbroken. I got a girlfriend. She's G3 pony. Okay it will go Wander to Homestar to ask the lovely people some questions. Let's begin with Wander. Oh girls you have to give your honest answer.

Wander:What would you do if I bought you a flower?

Girl #1:I would yell at you because all my crap is better than flowers.

Girl #2:I would thank you and kiss you.

Girl #3:I would give you a huge hug.

Girl #4 (is the guy):I would sneeze a lot.

Homestar:How do you do on tickling?

Girl #1:Light, very light.

Girl #2:I don't really care for that.

Girl #3:Go ahead, why not.

Girl #4:You can tickle me as I wet your bed badly.

Wander:Are you autistic?

Girl #1:Yes.

Girl #2:Me too.

Girl #3:Me three.

Girl #4:No.

Homestar:Do you like Mike?

Girl #1:I do as a fan. I just don't like the things he does to you.

Girl #2:I don't really know yet.

Girl #3:Who's Mike?

Girl #4:Like Chapman? I don't really know. I guess I do.

Wander:What if I cheated on you?

Girl #1:I'd be really angry.

Girl #2:I would yell at you.

Girl #3:I would kill the girl.

Girl #4:I would tickle your new girlfriend until she pees your bed too.

Homestar:Who is better Trogdor or Bard the dragon?

Girl #1:TROGDOR!!!

Girl #2:Bard.

Girl #3:Same as Girl #2.

Girl #4:I like tickles.

Wander:Do you like poetry?

Girl #1:Yes.

Girl #2:Sure.

Girl #3:Kinda.

Girl #4:What kind?


Girl #4:Yes I do.

Homestar:What is your favorite toy company?

Girl #1:Hasbro

Girl #2:Moose

Girl #3:I don't know.

Girl #4:All of them.

Wander:What is your favorite show?

Girl #1:It's been changing.

Girl #2:Steven Universe

Girl #3:Wander Over Yonder

Girl #4:I don't know. Rick and Morty.

Homestar:What is your favorite Lazy Town song?

Girl #1:Wake Up in German.

Girl #2:We Are Number One

Girl #3:I don't care for that show.

Girl #4:Cook By the Book

Wander:Is your icon a picture of me?

Girl #1:None of them.

Girl #2:No.

Girl #3:Yes.

Girl #4:Why would I put an icon of you Wander. I hate you.

Homestar:Do you like Bubs?

Girl #1:I would run him over with a bus for you.

Girl #2:Who's Bubs?

Girl #3:Is he that fat guy with blue head?


Girl #3:He's okay.

Girl #4:I want to tickle Bubs and Coach Z. No I want tickle everyone then you, Homestar.

Wander:What if I was in your bed?

Girl #1:We would just cuddle.

Girl #2:Same with Girl #1

Girl #3:I agree with both of them.

Girl #4:Tickle you until you wet the bed.

Homestar:Would spin my buzzer?

Girl #1:Yes!

Girl #2:Sure.

Girl #3:Yeah.

Girl #4:As long as I can tickle you.

Andy:Okay this is our last round. Think on your question careful.

Wander:How long have you been a fan of my show?

Girl #1:Since it came out.

Girl #2:Same.

Girl #3:Same.

Girl #4:I am from that show, so how can I be a fan?

Homestar:Is the struggle real?

Girl #1:I want to die. Please pick me.

Girl #2:School is stressful.

Girl #3:I am fine.

Girl #4:Why don't people want to be tickled anymore?

Andy:Alright that's all the questions. Wander, you get first pick since you a older than Homestar.

Wander:Girl #3.

Andy:Okay then. Girl #3, please come out.

Girl #3:*comes out* Hi I am like your biggest fan not counting Woybff. *kisses Wander to death*

Wander:*screams* You aren't Jubilee or Woybff. *runs out of room*

Girl #3:*follows Wander* Where are you going?!

Homestar:Girl #1.

Andy:Come out, Girl #1.

Girl #1:*walks out*

Homestar:Woybff! I knew answering those questions would get me to you.

Woybff:*hugs him* Oh Homestar.

Andy:The rest of you come out.

Jubilee:I guess being Girl #2 is bad.

Screwball:You'll do better knew time.

Jubilee:You're Girl #4, Screwball?



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