The flash backs

Woybff:*Siting down thinking*

Flash back: Woybff:*runs away from a show* teacher:*picks her up*

Flash back:Woybff*feels sad* *no one coming to her aid*

Flash back:Woybff:*throws scissors* Evil Lord:Woybff hate you go away forever. Woybff:But Mr.- Evil Lord:That's Lord Claws you so stupid. Go to your learning center now! *sticks note saying 'She needs to DIED* Woybff:*walks it the room* Teacher:Go do what ever you. *doesn't look at note* Woybff:*plays with the puppies* Puppies:*licking Woybff's face* Teacher:*notices the note* You had a note! Woybff:thinks:I don't know what to say. said:Why didn't you ask. Teacher:Woybff YOUR GOING TO DIE!! *takes Woybff to a tub of lead paint* Teacher:*throws Woybff in the tub* Mickey (one of the dogs):*saves her and dies of old age*.

Flash back:Woybff and Sunil:*crash ship*

Woybff:*walks to Wander and hug him*

Wander:*hugs back*

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